Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina got back together in last Sunday’s finale, but it was at the expense of Mary Wallace. The couple’s storyline on the show had turned into a love triangle after Geoffrey broke up with Varya and began dating Mary. The Tennessee native had returned to the United States from Russia after Varya failed to accept his proposal. Afterward, he began dating Mary, but their relationship did not last.

Varya and Geoffrey's relationship

Varya Malina traveled to the United States and made a surprise appearance on Geoffrey's doorstep.

The Russian reality star was determined to make up with her ex-boyfriend, and she even argued with Mary, who was in the house when she visited Geoffrey. In the season finale, Geoffrey made up his mind and decided to get back together with Varya. The American reality star said that he wanted to give their relationship a second chance, and he ended up proposing to her. The second time was the charm as Vary accepted his proposal, and in a recent interview, she said that she was looking forward to starting her life with Geoffrey.

In an Instagram interview with Domenick Nati, Varya revealed that she and Geoffrey had not yet discussed any wedding plans. However, she said that she would prefer an intimate ceremony with a few friends and family members.

She joked that she would not want a huge ceremony since both of them had already gotten married before. Varya also showed off her engagement ring, and she said that she was looking forward to starting her life with Geoffrey. However, when asked about her plans to have children with her boyfriend, Varya appeared hesitant.

The Russian reality star said that she had not discussed the topic with Geoffrey, but she suggested that she would not mind if he decided against having any more kids.

During the interview, Varya told fans that she and Geoffrey would reveal everything about their plans in their self-produced Tell All which will air immediately after the TLC Tell All episodes. Domenick Nati revealed that he would moderate Geoffrey and Varya’s version, and he promised that the show would surprise many fans.

TLC banned Geoffrey

TLC banned Geoffrey from appearing in the cast reunion Tell All episodes after fans learned that the Tennessee native was facing sexual and domestic violence cases in court. After Geoffrey and Varya got back together, many fans expressed their dismay at the move. Many "90 Day Fiancé" viewers do not trust Geoffrey, and his sudden decision to dump Mary and get back with Varya increased fan’s distrust. While it is unclear if Varya will participate in TLC’s cast reunion, her Tell All with Geoffrey, promises to shed more light on their future together.