Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar’s marriage is unraveling on social media. Fans have witnessed the couple trade accusations on social media, and they are not likely to settle their differences soon. The drama began after Lisa gave an explosive interview in which she accused Usman of turning their marriage into a romance scam. The American reality star accused her husband of using her to further his music career. Fans have in the past speculated that Usman married Lisa so that he could improve his chances of securing a green card to the United States. However, the Nigerian reality star has denied the assertions.

Usman's allegations

In an Instagram interview with talk show host Domenick Nati, Usman denied the rumors that he married Lisa for a green card. He confidently stated that he did not want to secure a K-1 visa to the United States since he loved Nigeria. Instead, Usman said that he only wanted to travel to America as a hip-hop artist and further his music career. The Nigeria reality star reasoned that if his goal was to obtain a green card, he could have achieved it long before appearing on "90 Day Fiancé." Usman added that he did not want to live in the United States with Lisa because he did not trust her.

The 30-year-old explained that the treatment of black people in America has made him apprehensive about moving to the country.

While referencing the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests in the United States, Usman noted that he and Lisa constantly argue, and as a white lady, she could easily endanger his life if she called the police during an argument. Usman explained that he feared for his life, and he did not want to take any chances due to Lisa’s temper.

In another interesting revelation, Usman insinuated that he was only with Lisa out of pity. When asked if he loved his wife, he replied that he was with her because he knew that she loved him. The Nigerian reality star appeared to suggest that he would move on if Lisa told him that she did not love him anymore. However, he claimed that his American wife adored him, and despite their constant squabbles, they always resolve their differences.

Usman's music career

Despite Usman’s claims, fans feel that his latest revelations show that he is only interested in his music career. Many wondered why Usman had agreed to marry Lisa if he didn’t intend to live with her in the United States. The upcoming "Tell All" episodes will allow fans to see the two controversial reality stars confront each other. Fans should also look out for Lisa’s response to her husband’s latest comments. Let us know what you think about Lisa and Usman's relationship, put your comment in the comment section. stay tuned for more news and updates.