The fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" ended last week, and fans are now looking forward to the cast reunion in the Tell All. However, one couple will be absent from the usually entertaining episodes. Varya Malina and Geoffrey Paschel will not participate in TLC’s Tell-All episodes after the network banned Geoffrey from attending the cast reunion due to the domestic assault allegations against him.

Varya on Geoffrey

Even though Varya and Geoffrey will not appear on the upcoming Tell All episodes, the couple is still determined to share their experiences on "90 Day Fiancé" with their fans.

Last week, Geoffrey and Varya revealed that they would air a self-produced Tell All special for their fans on their YouTube channel. Popular talk show host, Domenick Nati, will host the couple’s version. To promote the upcoming Tell All special, Domenick interviewed Varya on Instagram, and the Russian reality star made some interesting revelations about her relationship with Geoffrey.

While responding to a question about phone privacy, Varya said that she regularly goes through Geoffrey’s phone. However, she expressed her frustration at Geoffrey’s habit of hiding the content of some of his text messages. Varya revealed that her boyfriend often configures the settings to his message application that enable him to hide the details of the messages he receives.

Fans keenly observed that Varya looked irritated as she talked about Geoffrey’s text-hiding behavior. Some "90 Day Fiancé" viewers have speculated that the couple could split up even though they got engaged in the season finale. Varya’s latest revelation added more fodder to the rumor mill, and the two reality stars will have to sort out their trust issues before they can tie the knot.

Varya talks about Geoffrey's domestic assault case

In her interview with Domenick, Varya refused to take Geoffrey’s side while answering a question about his pending domestic assault case. The Russian reality star said that she trusted the American court system, and she would wait for the court to give a verdict on the matter.

Varya revealed that Geoffrey had told her that he would be acquitted of the charges, but she could not support his claims since she was not present when the alleged assault took place. Earlier in the season, fans had expressed relief after Varya rejected Geoffrey’s first proposal. They felt that Varya had dodged a bullet since her boyfriend has had more than one accusation of domestic violence.

However, Varya decided to mend her relationship with Geoffrey, and she accepted his second proposal at the end of the season. It will be fascinating to see how the couple gets along in their self-produced Tell All. The two reality stars will have to be on the same page, or fans will have more reasons to speculate about their potential break up.