Earlier this month, Tania Maduro and her South African boyfriend, Syngin, returned for another season of the "90-Day Fiancé" series. Even though they tied the knot during their last appearance on the show, the two reality stars still have several issues to address in their new marriage. The main reason for the couple’s frequent disagreements stems from the fact that Tania is the income provider in their relationship. Unfortunately, Tania recently got into an accident and injured her foot, and it could take some time before she can work again.

Tania is having a disappointment

In a sneak preview for next Sunday’s episode, Tania received some disappointing news from her doctor. During her routine therapy visit, Tania’s doctor informed her that, while her foot had almost healed, she would have to continue working out to regain her strength. The doctor also informed her that she could suffer arthritis at some point in the next two years because of her accident. The news did not get any better for Tania when she enquired about her chances of getting back to her job. Tania’s doctor informed her that her foot would take six to twelve weeks to completely heal.

"90 Day Fiance" star Tania appeared sad after she received the news, and it seems as if her relationship with Syngin could get uncomfortable in the coming weeks.

For now, the couple is living off Tania’s savings, and she has consistently urged her boyfriend to find a job. However, Syngin is yet to find a job that he is interested in. Last week, the couple quarreled after Syngin suggested that he was considering taking up his old bartending job. Tania expressed her objections to the idea because she was afraid that her South African boyfriend would turn into an alcoholic.

She accused Syngin of going overboard with his drinking and insisted that he would go home drunk every night if he returned to his old job.

Syngin's drinking habits

On his part, Syngin defended his drinking habits and said that he was in control of his alcohol consumption. The South African reality star felt that Tania did not trust him and asserted that he would have a beer whenever he wanted.

It will be interesting to see whether Tania will allow Syngin to take up his old bartending job after she visited the doctor. The American reality star has frequently questioned Syngin’s commitment to their relationship. Apart from living off Tania’s savings, Syngin has also said that he is not ready to start a family with his girlfriend. However, Tania has said that she wants to have a child with him. The couple’s many differences could put a major strain on their relationship. "90 Day Fiancé" viewers will have to tune in to next Sunday’s episode to find out how the couple resolves their problems.