Over the past few days, Anfisa Nava has stunned fans with various pictures of her hot body. After her time on "90 Day Fiancé" came to an end, Anfisa decided to pursue a career in fitness training and, last year, she announced that she had acquired a license to practice as a personal trainer. The Russian reality star is known for posting her sexy pictures often. However, Anfisa’s latest picture has sparked rumors that she could be considering going back to her old job.

Anfisa's history

Before she appeared on "90 Day Fiancé," Anfisa worked as a cam model in the adult industry.

In a shocking confession during their Tell All episode for the show, her husband, Jorge Nava, revealed that his girlfriend had worked in the adult entertainment industry. Anfisa’s latest Instagram picture has made her followers conclude that she could soon go back to this. In the sexy photograph, Anfisa posed in a red thong and a skimpy red top. Her attractive behind was visible in the picture, and fans in the comment section drooled over her picture.

Anfisa’s followers could not help but drool over the picture, and many of her male fans said that they wouldn’t mind if Anfisa decided to re-enter the porn industry. Apart from the adult job rumors, fans have also speculated that Anfisa has been posting her sexy pictures to get back at Jorge.

Anfisa and Jorge are expected to file for a divorce in the coming months, and Jorge has said that he still harbors some resentment towards Anfisa for abandoning him while he was serving his prison sentence.

In a past interview, Jorge said that Anfisa had left him for another man despite his efforts to work on their marriage.

The American reality star completed his prison sentence last month, and he is already dating another woman. He recently posted a picture of his new girlfriend on Instagram and told fans that she was the love of his life. While Anfisa has not commented about Jorge’s new girlfriend, she has been constantly uploading pictures of her attractive body on Instagram.

Anfisa and Jorge's relationship

Although Anfisa and Jorge appear to have moved on from each other, "90 Day Fiancé" fans have said that they would like to see the two reality stars get back together. During his time in prison, Jorge lost over 100 pounds. A majority of fans feel that Anfisa and Jorge could bond over their love for fitness and healthy lifestyles. In the meantime, Anfisa’s followers are looking forward to seeing more pictures of her incredible body. The Russian reality star is yet to confirm the rumors about her return to the porn industry. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiancé."