"90 Day Fiancé" viewers were surprised when TLC announced that Jenny and Sumit would return for the second season of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way." The couple had an incredible storyline last year after Jenny traveled to India to be with Sumit, only to find out that he was already married. Fans learned that Sumit’s parents had arranged the marriage for him, and the Indian reality star said that he would ask his wife for a divorce and marry Jenny instead.

Jenny and Sumit's relationship on '90 Day Fiance'

This season, Sumit will look to finalize his divorce and start a new life with Jenny.

Although things between the couple appear to be great, the two reality stars will have to overcome some major obstacles before they can tie the knot. Last season, Sumit’s family made it clear that they would not accept Jenny to be part of the family. At one point, Sumit’s cousins locked him up in his room to prevent him from going out and seeing Jenny. However, the Indian recently told his friends that his family had changed their stance on his relationship with Jenny. The 32-year-old claimed that his father had agreed to help him pay part of the divorce money that his ex-wife’s family was demanding.

Now that Sumit’s family appears to be on board with his relationship with Jenny, they could set out some conditions for the couple to meet before they can get married.

In India, many Hindu families prefer their daughters-in-law to be Hindu. Sumit’s family is certain to ask Jenny to convert to the Hindu religion before they can permit her to get married to Sumit. Jenny would also have to follow all the key rituals required at a Hindu wedding. While Jenny has expressed her desire to get married to Sumit, fans are skeptical about her ability to adapt to his religion and cultural beliefs.

Jenny got terrified of Hindu rituals

In last Monday’s episode, the American reality star appeared uncomfortable during her house blessing ceremony. The ceremony aimed to cleanse the house and make it pure before Sumit and Jenny moved into it. However, when the ritual commenced, Jenny seemed to be out of her element. The 61-year-old was more concerned about the need for repairs for the new house than the cleansing ceremony.

She also looked scared when the Indian elders blessing the house brought a cow into the house as part of the ritual. Even though Sumit tried to comfort her, Jenny looked like she was fed up with the ritual. After seeing how Jenny reacted to the simple house warming ceremony, "90 Day Fiancé" viewers are not confident about her ability to adapt to the Hindu faith. If Jenny can’t convert to Sumit’s religion, it will be impossible for her to get married to him.