Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky have evolved into a power couple on the Internet. The two reality stars are popular on "90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk" because of their humor and clever observations. Annie and David have built up a huge following on social media, and the couple often posts updates of their daily life. Over the weekend, Annie’s Instagram post went viral after she displayed her cooking skills.

Annie's adorable pic

In the stunning picture, Annie showed off her culinary abilities with a variety of tasty looking dishes. The Thailand native captioned the picture by explaining the food she had prepared which included chicken lemongrass, baby corn stir fry with eggs and tofu, and chicken pad kra pow.

Annie gave a thumbs up and smiled as she posed for the picture, and fans drooled over the dishes she had prepared. The picture received more than 20,000 likes in the 24 hours after Annie posted it. Last year, Annie started creating cooking videos, which she posted on Facebook. The videos were a big hit with many "90 Day Fiancé" viewers since they highlighted Annie’s knowledge of Asian cuisine and brought out her bubbly personality.

However, after the coronavirus pandemic changed life in America, Annie stopped shooting cooking videos. Instead, she decided to make masks which she distributed to health workers battling the pandemic. On social media, David praised his wife for her compassion. He also joked that he would lose weight because Annie was no longer preparing meals for him.

The couple’s devotion to each other has made them one of the most popular 90 Day Fiancé couples of all time. Fans have expressed their admiration for how far the two reality stars have come since the made their first appearance on the show.

David and Annie's relationship

At the time, David was down on his luck and had moved to Thailand to get away from his financial problems.

However, his life changed after he met Annie. The American reality star has said that he knew he loved Annie immediately after he laid eyes on her. David asked her out on a date, and after the couple hit it off, he proposed to her. According to her country’s custom, David had to pay a dowry for Annie, and although he was not financially stable, he managed to raise the money required for his wife’s bride price.

After the couple moved to the United States, they struggled to find an apartment since David did not have a well-paying job, and Annie had not received her work permit. The couple remained loyal to each other despite their many problems, and their fortunes soon turned around after David got a new job and Annie qualified for a work permit. Since then, the two reality stars have been living in Arizona and going by Annie’s latest post, the two are enjoying life together.