Rebecca, from Season 3 of "90 Day Fiance," now works in a restaurant and keeps her fans updated on Instagram. The video of the policeman kneeling on George Floyd's neck is trending on the internet, and many people are angry at the continued murder and abuse of African Americans by cops. After the death of George Floyd, there was a protest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, and it quickly spread throughout the world.

It first started as a peaceful protest, which later turned into a riot, the town is no longer safe as they are looting, burning buildings, and destroying property.

The four cops that were involved in the incident were later fired, while most people think that the cops losing their Jobs was not enough for what they did.

Rebecca talks about George Floyd's death

Recently the "90 Day Fiance" star Rebecca uploaded a photo talking about George Floyd's death. However, she didn't get the positive comments she might have expected. People were angry that she said if you are more upset that they are protesting, then you are the problem.

She captioned the post saying: "This will never stop until those of us who think it's not our problem, realize it is everyone's problem. This is no longer something I'm comfortable looking away from. Until there's freedom for everyone, no one is free.

Until there is justice for everyone, there is no justice. Until we are all equal, I support the protest. #georgefloyd"

Many fans misunderstood the point she was trying to make. According to the kind of comments she was getting, it seems like fans think that she supports the riot and wants the destruction and burning of property to continue until they get justice, but she supports the peaceful protest.

A fan commented, saying: "Come on, Rebecca, that is not a fair statement. They are not "part of the problem" if they live near the violence and are scared.

They aren't "part of the problem" if their livelihood was burned to the ground, and they disagree. They aren't "part of the problem" if the car they transport their children in was set on fire and they disagree.

Being opposed to collateral damage does not make you part of the problem. Burning down your own community in some misguided notion that it will enact change is part of the problem.

The problem is a lack of competent leadership. This leads to riots because there's a pervasive the frustration that the voices of change aren't being heard."

Rebecca replied, saying: "you definitely have a point, I agree. But the overwhelming majority of people aren't directly impacted and simply sit by judging. Right?"

The comments section of the post-Rebecca uploaded on her Instagram account about George Floyd's death had a lot of commenters who do not agree with what she said. But some fans are happy that she spoke about George Floyd's death.