The video, detailing the death of George Floyd, has flooded the internet and has gotten the attention of many internet users and people all over the world. In the video, a white police officer is shown kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for almost nine minutes. He later died. The incident started after a shopkeeper called the police and told them that someone was trying to pass a potentially counterfeit bill.

The death of Floyd was a tragedy, and many people believe it was racially motivated. In the footage, Floyd is heard repeating, "I can't breathe," while the police officer knelt on his neck and paid no attention to his pleas.

He was unarmed and did not try to resist the arrest, which was shown on a shop security footage nearby.

George Floyd's family and friends talk about him.

According to CNN, Floyd was a Houston native, graduating from Jack Yates High School, where he played football. One of his friends said that Floyd had moved to Minnesota to be his best self. According to his brother, Philonase Floyd, George Floyd was a perfect man.

Four police officers got fired because of the police officer, Deven Chauvin, that knelt on his neck for two minutes and 53 seconds after he had lost consciousness. The death of George Floyd caused many people to resort to protesting against such racist acts because what happened to George Floyd was very tragic and it was one of many racially motivated incidences over the years.

It has not been long since the death of Ahmaud Arbery, who was killed on February 23, 2020, Jogging in Brunswick, Georgia.

David Toborowsky talks about George Floyd on social media

A lot of celebrities and public personalities have helped spread awareness about the death of Goerge Floyd.

On May 28, 2020, "90 Day Fiance" reality star and husband to Annie, David Toborowsky, posted a photo of George on his Instagram.

David said that he didn't want to get political, but he wanted his fans to remember the gentle giant. The "90 Day Fiance" reality star said that George was not a man of color, but he was part of us. He ended by saying a prayer for God to shine his light on us and enable us to love one another.

A fellow "90 Day Fiance" cast member Sumit liked and commented on the post, saying that it wasn't the time for the Houston native to die, but a cop killed him.

He also said that only God had the right to take someone's life, not a man that felt he was God just because of a badge.

Another fan corrected the "90 Day Fiance" star, that talking about Floyd was not political but voicing what he believed because we all needed to come together to bring an end to the hate.

The death of George has been very tragic to many people around the world, and many are hoping to get Justice.