Paola Mayfield has had enough of the criticism hurled at her online. The "90 Day Fiance" star posted a video on the video-sharing app TikTok to respond to her haters. She is seen kneeling and struggling to stand up in the first part of the TikTok clip. But then, she immediately stood up and walked like a model as if to aggravate her haters’ feelings. In the caption, she further teased her haters. She wrote, “When I get bad comments... what they expect vs. reality.”

Paola Mayfield gets backlash from medical workers

Paola Mayfield received a lot of negative criticism after she uploaded an Instagram post that people took as taking a jab at medical workers.

She posted a clip, of nurses dancing, on her account and wrote, “I think this is enough.” People felt that Paola implied that doctors and nurses should just go back to work. A few of her followers also thought that the reality star was indirectly saying that medical workers should not have fun at this time.

The "90 Day Fiance" cast member clarified that she did not mean to disrespect medical workers in her video. According to her, she was doing the opposite. She said that she feels thankful for the hard work that doctors and nurses are doing

She explained that her comments were a criticism of how the media is framing doctors and nurses as having a good time despite the global health crisis. With the ongoing pandemic, she wanted to remind people that other hardworking medical workers are not shown in viral videos.

Anti-vaxx claims

Paola also recently clarified that she is not an anti-vaxxer. The controversy started when followers spotted the books "Critical Vaccine Studies" and "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor" behind her in one post.

When a fan threatened to unfollow her, the former fashion designer fired back. She said that the books were written by people with Ph.D.

and MD degrees. She also said that she is only being critical of what goes into her child. Paola previously shared that their son Axel had his first vaccination in March. Back then, she insisted that she will only give her son specific vaccinations.

Paola plans to homeschool son

Paola Mayfield, the "90 Day Fiance" also revealed that she and Russ plan to homeschool their son, Axel.

She disclosed their plan after a follower asked her in the comments section of her Instagram account. Homeschooling would be a decent learning arrangement for Axel. Paola usually works at home so she will be able to properly supervise her child’s education. She currently works as a nutrition coach and personal trainer. Paola Mayfield gave birth to Axel in January 2019. The child came almost five years after their appearance on the first season of "90 Day Fiance."