"90 Day Fiance" star Jesse Meester has clapped back at fans after receiving criticism for using a penis enlarger in one of his pictures. Last week, the controversial reality star posted a photograph, on his Instagram page, which appeared to show that he had a large penis. Fans immediately called out the reality star for misleading his followers. They also questioned his self-esteem and accused him of using the penis enlarger to appear more attractive than he actually was. After the overwhelming condemnation he received, Jesse deleted the picture.

However, the Netherlands reality star has responded to his critics.

The former '90 Day Fiance' star, Jesse's penis enlarger pic

In a recent Instagram post, "90 Day Fiance" Jesse posted another risqué picture of himself wearing an open shirt that exposed his abs and well-toned chest. The controversial reality star was wearing Calvin Klein underwear, and his groin area appeared bulky. Jesse captioned the picture by telling fans that there was a difference between living and being alive. The comment was aimed at his detractors, and Jesse appeared to have used a penis enlarger in the photo. He went on to explain that he did not care what other people thought about him. Instead, he said that he would worry less and smile more.

Jesse added that he had always taken responsibility for his actions, but he had accepted that he couldn’t please all of his fans.

Jesse Meester and Darcey's relationship

To conclude his post, Jesse encouraged his followers to love their lives and enjoy every day of their existence. Jesse’s picture elicited some mixed reactions from fans.

Some of his followers felt that he was being stubborn since he was using the penis enlarger to prove a point. However, a section of fans agreed with Jesse’s view of living life to the fullest. They felt that Jesse had a right to do what made him happy. The 27-year-old pursued a modeling career after he broke up with his "90 Day Fiancé" girlfriend, Darcey Silva.

Darcey and Jesse appeared on season one and two of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." The couple constantly argued during their time on the show, and they broke up at the end of the second season. After their break up, Darcey began dating Tom Brooks. However, the American reality star didn’t find much luck in her new relationship. Darcey and Tom broke up in the recently concluded season of "90 Day Fiancé." The couple’s relationship ran into trouble after Tom accused Darcey of having feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Jesse. While appearing on the show’s Tell-All last season, Jesse claimed that Darcey was still contacting him even after their breakup. Even though Darcey denied Jesse’s claims, her relationship with Tom failed to work out, and the couple had a nasty breakup.

As for Jesse, he has told fans that he is concentrating on his modeling career. However, after seeing his recent Instagram post, 90-Day viewers hope that he can find a new lover to match his free spirit.