Jihoon Lee and his wife, Deavan Clegg, returned for another season of "90 Day Fiancé" this month. The couple was a fan favorite last season, and they eventually tied the knot in a Korean traditional wedding. Now that the two reality stars are married, fans will get to see how the couple embarks in the new chapter of their life. Deavan will immigrate permanently to Korea to start her family with Jihoon. However, the American reality star recently made some comments that left fans disgusted.

The new controversy on '90 Day Fiancé'

As Deavan was packing her luggage for her trip to Korea, she complained about Jihoon’s p*nis size.

The American reality star told her husband that she would pack a snug pack of condoms for him because he could not fit into regular size condoms. Deavan insinuated that the reason she had conceived her second child was that Jihoon’s condom had slipped during intercourse. "90-Day Fiancé" viewers were shocked by Deavan’s comments. A section of fans logged on to social media to make fun of Jihoon. Many could not believe that Deavan had embarrassed her husband on television, and they questioned her devotion to Jihoon.

Jihoon posted the picture below on his Instagram account.

Deavan's response

After receiving a lot of disapproval from fans, Deavan took to Instagram to defend herself. She posted an Instagram story where she praised Jihoon’s abilities in the bedroom.

She then tried to deflect the blame she was receiving by saying that the small condom remarks had not been directed towards her husband. Instead, Deavan said that she made the comments to mock the father of her first child, Drascilla. However, fans did not believe Deavan’s half-hearted explanation. Many fans criticized her for choosing to pack condoms for Jihoon even though birth control in Korea was cheap, and women do not need a prescription to purchase it.

While fans feel sorry for Jihoon, it isn’t the first time that Deavan has challenged his manhood.

In the trailer for the new season, Deavan told producers that Jihoon was struggling to provide for their family financially. She said that she would have to step up her game and start providing for her children. In one heartbreaking scene, Jihoon watched on helplessly as his wife paused for pictures with another man.

It appears that Deavan will take up a modeling job in Korea to support her family. Although Jihoon has tried to accommodate his American wife, he could finally reach his breaking point as the season progresses. Due to his financial situation, the Korean reality star still lives with his parents, and the pressure he is facing to provide for his new family could overwhelm him. "90 Day Fiancé" viewers hope that the couple can overcome their differences and work on their marriage. A good place to start would be Deavan offering her husband an apology for her small penis remarks.