Anfisa Nava has always been a stunning beauty. Fans got to know the Russian reality star after she starred on the fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé" alongside her boyfriend at the time, Jorge Nava. While the couple argued frequently during their time on the show, they eventually tied the knot when the season ended. Unfortunately, Jorge had a run-in with the law after police officers arrested him in Arizona for illegal possession of marijuana. The American reality star was sentenced to prison in 2018, and his relationship with Anfisa deteriorated.

Anfisa Nava's hot picture

After her husband went to jail, Anfisa decided to pursue a career in fitness training. The reality star is a certified fitness trainer as well as a model. Over the past few days, the "90 Day Fiance" star has been showing off her incredible body. In a recent Instagram post, Nava posed for a picture on the beach while wearing a bikini. The sexy photograph showed all of Anfisa’s body curves, and fans were left drooling at the Russian reality star’s unbelievable physique. She took the picture while having a good time at Laguna Beach in California.

It appears that Anfisa is living her best life, and her latest pictures have been a hot topic on the Internet. Fans are happy that the Russian has moved on from her relationship with Jorge.

The American reality star completed his jail sentence last month, and he has said that he will get a divorce from Anfisa as soon as he completes his probation. In a past interview, Jorge said that his wife had abandoned him for another man during his time in prison. He revealed that he had tried to save his marriage to Anfisa, but she did not reciprocate his efforts.

Anfisa on Jorge

On her part, Anfisa has said that Jorge is acting childish by harboring resentment towards her. The Russian reality star says that she moved on from Jorge because she stopped loving him. Anfisa also claimed that Jorge had not changed despite spending time in prison. She called him a vindictive little boy and added that her ex-husband could not stand seeing her succeed.

Both Anfisa and Jorge have moved on from their marriage, and they are seeing new partners. Earlier this month, Jorge posted a picture of him hugging an identified woman. In an interview after he posted the photograph, Jorge said that the woman was the love of his life, and he would soon introduce her to his Instagram followers.

As for Anfisa, the Russian reality star is rumored to be dating Leo Assaf. Leo is a gentleman’s club manager in California, and some pictures have circulated showing the couple having a good time together. Anfisa is yet to confirm the rumors about her new relationship. Until she ratifies her relationship status, fans will be happy to see her post more pictures of her amazing body.