Debra Messing, the lead actress on NBC's long-running successful sitcom ‘Will & Grace,’ has found herself embroiled in quite a high-profile controversy after she had tweeted out a link to an article on Medium, which accuses Tara Reade of stealing from a non-profit organization. Messing posted the anti-Tara Reade tweet on May 2, however, she was forced to delete it due to the massive backlash that she had received on social media. Reade has accused presidential candidate, Joe Biden, of sexually assaulting her in 1993.

Shortly after Messing tweeted out the article's link, Reade slammed her for promoting an article that she says is ‘slanderous’ and completely ‘false.’ The article has been written by Brian & Eddie Krassenstein.

Several other users also started attacking Messing for siding with the Democrats. One user even said that the 51-year-old actress is encouraging a culture where survivors are shamed. In March of 2020, Reade publicly accused Biden of sexually abusing her when she was working for him way back in 1993. She was 26 years old when this incident reportedly took place.

The backlash against Debra Messing's anti-Tara Reade tweet

Numerous prominent journalists also came forward in defense of Reade. One such journalist was Katie Halper, who clearly said to Messing that the claim she is promoting has already been debunked and that she shouldn't quote individuals who have been permanently removed from Twitter.

Apart from Halper, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald, in support of Reade, said that people like Messing are the reason why women might feel uncomfortable in coming forward with assault allegations against a resourceful male Democratic leader. He further added that the Democrats are keeping an eye on Tara like a mob of ‘bloodthirsty’ politicians.

Social media users also joined the ongoing controversy and started bashing Messing for her recent remarks. One user wrote that Tara absolutely deserves to tell her side of the story without being accused of false events. Another user then drew a comparison between the ‘Will & Grace’ star and Alyssa Milano, a MeToo activist who recently came out in support of Biden.

A third user said that people like Messing should be blamed for the ongoing downward spiral of the Democrats. Ever since she came out with the sexual assault allegations against Biden, Tara Reade has been extremely outspoken about the behavior of the Democratic Party. She has blasted the Democrats for being absolute hypocrites about the entire MeToo situation.

Anita Hill's assault allegations against Clarence Thomas in 1991

In a recent interview with Fox News, Reade revealed that she was shocked by how badly Joe Biden handled Anita Hill's sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991. She told Fox News that if anyone wanted to come forward with assault allegations against a powerful male, they would be discouraged, to tell the truth, because of what happened to Anita Hill.

Reade said, in the recent Fox News interview, that she clearly remembers having a serious argument with her mother over the 1993 assault. She said to her mother that even if she files a complaint against Biden, nothing is going to happen because Capitol Hill lawmakers are very powerful and can walk away scot-free from a lot of crimes.