After sweeping victories in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois, Joe Biden appears to be the choice of the Democratic Party in the 2020 elections. His nearest rival, Bernie Sanders is trailing by a huge margin and it could be difficult for him to bridge the gap. He continues to be in the presidential race even though he lost in Michigan, which was a disappointment. There were many contenders at the start and gradually the numbers reduced leaving Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in the fray. The former had three quick wins on Super Tuesday III night in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona and it appears to be the end of the road for Sanders, the senator from Vermont.

This round of primaries was to have been in four states but in view of the coronavirus outbreak, the governor of Ohio made a last-minute postponement of in-person voting in his state.

Daily Mail UK makes mention of Joe Biden and his webcam speech to thank supporters. He also reached out to voters of his rival Sanders. It was an attempt to unify the Democratic Party. Joe Biden said, “Sen. Sanders and I may disagree on tactics, but we share a common vision.” He then touched upon points like healthcare, income inequity, and climate change, etcetera.

Joe Biden outshines Bernie Sanders

In spite of the fears of coronavirus outbreak in the air, voter turnout in Florida among Democrats was satisfactory. Election officials took precautions to decrease the possibilities of voters and poll workers contracting the virus. While Ohio did not vote, the other three states still held the primaries.

Biden won Florida with ease. The state has already given President Donald Trump a sufficient number of delegates to ensure that he becomes the official nominee of the Republican Party. The next state Biden won was Illinois, the home state of President Barack Obama.

Daily Mail UK says the campaigns of both Biden and Sanders had to rely on virtual talks.

Here, the Sanders campaign had better luck compared to Biden. The former attracted the bulk of young voters and his talks hinged around a wide variety of subjects that, in his opinion, need to be addressed. He wanted to make his pitch interactive and asked his supporters to provide feedback. There have been online events earlier like the 'fireside chat.' These were necessary to gauge the mood of the voters in the absence of direct contact because of coronavirus.

Joe Biden surges ahead

According to CNN, Joe Biden is in the comfort zone. He wants to get the nomination of the Democratic Party to contest the 2020 presidential elections and seems to be confident about getting it. After the three primaries in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois, he has a sizeable lead over Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders, his rival. Biden said - he and Sanders "may disagree on tactics, but we share a common mission.” He also thanked the young voters who have drawn inspiration from Sen. Sanders. Biden's lack of support from young voters is a worry for the party. Anyway, he feels he has the numbers with him and is mentally preparing strategies to take on President Donald Trump in the final round. Sanders, on his part, was weighing the options before him. He could leave the race but that might have an adverse effect on his future prospects in the party setup.

Control in the hands of Joe Biden

The Democratic Party field was crowded with many contenders in the beginning. Some of them were women but they failed to influence the voters.

It ultimately boiled down to a tussle between two political stalwarts. In January, Joe Biden was among the top five candidates for nomination to contest president 2020 elections. By March, the situation changed and Joe Biden overtook Bernie Sanders in Michigan. Right now, after Super Tuesday III, he is ahead in the race and focused on the final round.