Will & Grace” fans rejoice! The hit television series from 2008 will have a Season 2 for its comeback. NBC announced their decision to add one more season to the already confirmed Season 1 due this September. Furthermore, they also confirmed an additional four episodes of the first season.

TCA announcements

Fans of the well-loved show poured their excitement over the update during the summer press tour of the Television Critics Association. NBC’s Bob Greenblatt broke the news just before the “Will & Grace” panel started. Everyone can expect Season 1 to have a total of 16 episodes and Season 2 will roll out afterward.

Not a lot of people are familiar with the “Will & Grace” series. Their first episode debuted nearly 20 years ago. The hit comedy had a whopping eight seasons and ended eight years after. Avid followers thought the end of the show happened in 2006. Much to everyone’s surprise, NBC decided to revamp it.

Exciting comeback of the foursome

The idea to return the combination of characters Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack started after a reunion of cast and crew for a project. They all convened for a promotional video supporting Hillary Clinton during the last presidential elections. The four lead stars expressed their openness to shoot for the show again. Clearly, all of them missed the laughter and banter of “Will & Grace.”

After that, the rest was history.

A few months passed and NBC confirmed the first season initially for 13 episodes. All lead cast members, Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes agreed to return to reprise their original roles.

Original creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick have returned as well to be the showrunners. Excitingly, James Burrows who directed all previous episodes will be back on set too.

Following the storyline

Will & Grace” follows the travails of these four energetic characters living in New York City. Will plays a gay lawyer who lives with Grace, his best friend. Grace Adler, a Jewish businesswoman who owns an interior design firm, adds craziness and drama to his already complicated life.

They are joined by Karen Walker, an alcoholic socialite who works as Grace’s secretary.

To cap off the bunch, Jack McFarland adds additional comedy as a vibrant gay actor.

Throughout its eight seasons, the show depicts the ups and downs of dating, marriage, career, and all the relationship levels in between. They were known for a unique mix of witty comedy, realistic situations, and a bitingly honest script.

Award winning history

The upcoming NBC comedy joins other television shows experiencing a reboot. Fox announced their release of a new set of “X-Files” episodes set for the first half of 2018. Netflix’s Arrested Development is also in production for its fifth season. This week, another Netflix reproduction, “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later,” will also hit the small screens.

It’s unfortunate that the general viewing public nowadays didn’t have a chance to watch the previous seasons of the hit TV show. Their spectacular performance in those years can be justified with a total of 83 Emmy Nominations. They impressively won 16 of those nominations.

Each of the four cast members had won at least one Emmy Award for their performance. These exceptional accomplishments signify that this year’s “Will & Grace” will be explosively funny and be entertaining just the same.