The most recent episode of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" provided more intrigue for fans as various couples saw new twists to their storylines. Lisa and Usman offered new talking points for fans as they sought to tie the knot at a courthouse. However, things were not smooth sailing for the couple, and their attempted wedding fell through after Lisa failed to show evidence that she was divorced, reports EOnline.

Fans targets Lisa

Fans have been unimpressed with the 54-year-old reality star’s attitude on the show, and her failed wedding to Usman left some fans feeling relieved for him.

While fans have speculated that "90 Day Fiance" star Usman is only in the relationship to secure a green card to the United States, Lisa’s assertiveness towards him has generated the most criticism from viewers.According to most fans, Lisa is a bully, and her behavior in Nigeria has received heavy criticism. During her stay in the country, the American has not shied away from letting Usman know about her disgust at the living conditions. Lisa has also treated Usman’s female music fans with contempt, and that has put his hip-hop music career in jeopardy.

Lisa and Usman on '90 Day Fiance'

Usman’s attempts to tame Lisa have not worked due to the American’s brash and confrontational personality.

During last Sunday’s episode, the two argued over who would have more control, in their relationship, after they got married.

Usman told Lisa that he wanted to have total say in their relationship, and he would not settle for anything less than 100 percent control. Lisa, for her part, insisted that their marriage would be a partnership and they would both have equal say.

She also claimed that, as an American woman, she could not bow down to any man.

Usman wants to be dominant

Such proclamations have irritated fans and have made them feel that Usman is an oppressive tyrant.

Usman tried to compromise with his girlfriend and conceded that he would consider having a 60-40 advantage in the relationship. The couple finally made up and headed to the courthouse to tie the knot. However, once they arrived, the couple learned that their wedding would not take place since Lisa had not provided any proof that she was a divorcee. The American reality star was quite irate with Usman because he had not told her about the procedure. After their failed wedding ceremony, fans felt relieved that the couple had not tied the knot since they feared that it would only make Lisa more unbearable. However, with a couple of episodes left before the end of the season, Lisa and Usman will have several more opportunities to hold their wedding. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."