Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens made history this year after they became the first same-sex couple to feature on TLC’s "90 Day Fiancé" series. Stephanie traveled to Australia to be with Erika, but her stay in the country has not been smooth. The American’s poor health has meant that the couple can rarely enjoy a moment together without her taking some precautions. However, the biggest challenge the couple has faced is their awkward intimacy. Stephanie has looked uncomfortable when trying to get intimate with Erika and the fact that she has kept their relationship a secret from her parents has bothered her Australian girlfriend.

Relationship at all-time low

Next Sunday’s episode could witness a rekindling of the couple’s constant arguments. In a teaser video released by TLC, Erika reveals that she was in a long-term relationship that didn’t end well because her partner kept their relationship a secret from her parents. Erika informs Stephanie that the relationship took a toll on her because she felt that her girlfriend was embarrassed to be with her. The Australian reality star opens up to Stephanie and tells her that she does not want a repeat of her previous fling.

Erika's secret

On her part, Stephanie appears shocked that Erika has been keeping such a huge secret from her. The American reality star tells producers that she is disappointed that her girlfriend did not reveal the existence of her ex-partner when they first met.

Stephanie feels like Erika does not trust her and wonders what other secrets her Australian girlfriend had been keeping from her. In a separate scene in the teaser video, Stephanie confronts Erika about her ex-lover and asks why she left out the details of her previous relationship when they first met. Stephanie adds that she feels betrayed since she expected Erika to share such details with her.

"90 Day Fiance" star Erika defends by saying that she doesn’t like talking about her previous relationship. She tells Stephanie that she still feels hurt when she thinks about her ex-girlfriend. The Australian explains that the relationship lasted for close to ten years, and by the end of it, she felt exhausted after her ex-girlfriend refused to come clean to her parents about their relationship.

Erika and Stephanie’s relationship has appeared strained throughout the season. The couple has struggled to communicate with each other, and Erika’s revelation could lead to a falling out between the two. Earlier in the season, Stephanie had accused Erika of maintaining an intimate relationship with her past lovers, and the American reality star could overreact after finding out that her girlfriend had a serious relationship that she did not tell her about.