Former "90 Day Fiancé" star, Nicole Nafziger, has finally broken her silence on her relationship with Azan Tefou. Nicole and Azan appeared on the fourth and fifth seasons of "90 Day Fiancé." After they left the show, fans were convinced that the couple had broken up. Over the past few months, Nicole has kept a low profile on social media. However, she recently resurfaced on Instagram and revealed some interesting details about her relationship with Azan.

Nicole's post regarding an her latest status

Nicole told fans that she had an important announcement to make, and she shared a link to an article on her Instagram bio which explained her current relationship status.

Nicole told the gossip website that she traveled to Morocco in March for what she thought would be a two-week vacation. During her time in the North African country, Nicole reconnected with Azan, and they hang out together. Nicole has revealed that Azan kept her company and took her out for dinner, introducing her to some popular Moroccan delicacies. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced many countries to cancel foreign travel, and Nicole had to extend her stay in Morocco. The American reality star revealed that she has been living in the country for the past two months.

Fortunately, Nicole’s daughter, May, did not accompany her for the trip to Morocco. However, some fans have accused Nicole of abandoning her daughter in America.

They have claimed that the American reality star has prioritized her relationship with Azan over raising her daughter. "90 Day Fiancé" star, David Toborowsky, has also voiced his displeasure at Nicole’s decision to leave her daughter in the United States while she went on vacation to be with her boyfriend. However, Nicole has defended her parenting decision, saying that the pandemic is the only reason why she not with her daughter.

Even though Nicole and Azan are still together, the nature of their relationship is still shrouded in mystery. Reports have emerged that Azan was already married when he met Nicole and that she knew about his marital status. Fans have also speculated that Nicole gave her Moroccan boyfriend some money to bribe his wife and keep their relationship quiet.

The couple of '90 Day Fiance' maybe hiding something

Azan’s silence over rumors has only strengthened the opinion that the couple may be hiding several secrets concerning their relationship. However, Nicole denied the rumors and insisted that she and Azan have nothing to hide. She did not go into further details, but it may be difficult to believe her given that she is not living with Azan during her stay in Morocco. Fans have found out that Nicole is renting an Airbnb, and although she has been spending time with Azan, the couple is not living together. The latest revelations will raise more questions about Azan’s marital status. The rumors that Nicole is helping him hide his secret marriage will also grow stronger if the couple remains silent on the issue.