"90 Day Fiance" had a huge surprise in store for viewers in last Sunday’s "Before the 90 Days" episode. This was after David Murphy finally met his girlfriend Lana in the flesh. David decided to give Lana one last chance, arranging for a meet up in Kyiv’s Independence Square. Despite the fact that she arrived late, he still hugged his Ukrainian girlfriend tightly. Meanwhile, after Lana's appearance, fans warned David to be careful with his girlfriend. According to EOnline, David already sent $100,000 to Lana before meeting her. Now fans worry that Lana will scam David with a much larger sum of money.

In an earlier portion of the episode, it was revealed that David hired a private investigator to find Lana. He was having trouble accepting that Lana may just have been a figment of his imagination.

According to the investigator’s findings, the picture is commonly used in multiple online dating profiles. The investigator heavily implied that Lana may have scammed David Murphy. Still, David did not believe the investigator and fired him.

David Murphy and his previous attempts to meet up with Lana

David Murphy fueled interest among the "90 Day Fiance" fanbase because of his faith in Lana.

When "Before the 90 Days" was shot, they had already been in an online relationship for seven years. She had stood him up multiple times, leading people to think that she was just a catfish. Earlier in the season, the "90 Day Fiance" crew documented David’s fourth attempt at meeting with his Ukrainian girlfriend. David and Lana agreed to meet up in a train station but she failed to show up.

Not one to give up easily, David decided to go to the town of Pavlohrad despite not being invited. This was the town that Lana said she resided in. However, she did not go to the restaurant that they were supposed to meet up in. David then went around the town with a photo of Lana to ask if anyone knew her. He even went to an address Lana once gave him out of desperation. When he went to the apartment, he was met by an old man who said that he does not know the woman in his picture.

David in America

Heartbroken by the entire thing, David Murphy decided to go home to America instead. His friends chastised him, urging him to cut her off once and for all. They reminded him that he had already spent a lot of money on communicating with her. But he still refused to believe that he may have been scammed all this time. He started talking to her online again around three weeks after he returned to America. She apologized profusely for not meeting him, saying that she felt guilty about it.

She explained that she had already moved to the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev. According to her, she lived there with her sister. David booked a ticket to Ukraine right away. He still wanted to propose to Lana because he wanted to enjoy married life with her.

Now that David Murphy and Lana have already met, they will try to figure out what they want to happen in their relationship. Some of the questions regarding their relationship will be answered in the next "90 Day Fiance" episode on Sunday.