"90 Day Fiance" star Geoffrey Paschel opened up about the delay in the court hearing for his 2019 assault case. He admitted that he feels disappointed that he will not get to defend himself in a public forum yet. In an Instagram post, Geoffrey detailed his feelings about the delay. This is the second time Geoffrey talked about the allegations he is facing. In March, Blasting News reported that Geoffrey also talked about the allegation that he killed his child.

According to Paschel, he looks forward to clearing his name once and for all in the physical assault case.

He blamed the allegations for the vitriol and negativity he received online. He explained that if there was any truth to them, he would have bowed out and accepted responsibility. However, he saw the court hearings as a way to make his account of the events more credible. He also promised that he would fight for his reputation and the truth. He said he would do it for the sake of his children.

Allegations against Geoffrey Paschel

A few days after confirming his "90 Day Fiance" appearance, the allegations against Geoffrey Paschel surfaced on the Internet. Because of this, a lot of fans slammed the network for casting him. The worst of the allegations was his June 2019 arrest when he allegedly assaulted his then-girlfriend.

He was charged on multiple counts, including vandalism, domestic assault, and aggravated kidnapping. In the show, he also publicly admitted that he was previously jailed for drug charges. He said that he spent two years behind bars after getting caught selling drugs when he was younger.

Varya Malina reportedly breaks up with Geoffrey

In the latest episode of "90 Day Fiance," Varya Malina surprised everyone by declining the marriage proposal of Geoffrey Paschel. According to her, she felt that they were moving too fast. She also said that she was not ready to leave Russia yet. Geoffrey was in disbelief after Varya told him that she would not marry him.

He said that he “never in a million years” expected that she would turn him down. In a confessional, Varya admitted that she does not fully trust Geoffrey. She felt bad for declining the proposal but she also did not want to change her mind later on. There is also a good chance that the "Before the 90 Days" cast members have already broken up. This was after reports that they would not appear on the franchise’s Tell-All episode.

Geoffrey, Varya in past '90 Day Fiance' episodes

Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina are among the most recognizable couples in the current "90 Day Fiance" season. Geoffrey notably flew to Russia to meet up with Varya. While in the country, he was able to meet up with his girlfriend’s family.

However, he did not make a good impression on her family and friends. It remains to be seen how things will ultimately go down between Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina. Watch the next episode of "90 Day Fiance" on Sunday, May 17, on TLC.