Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme recently confirmed that they are married. The "90 Day Fiance" stars will soon be reunited, in America, once Usman gets his K-1 visa. Lisa herself sparked the rumors after she posted of her and Usman’s hands with rings on their fingers. In the caption, she teasingly wrote “Mr & Mrs. Usman Sojaboy” as a reference to his showbiz name.

She stoked more discussions about the reported marriage with her response to a comment in the post. She confirmed that Usman Umar might be relocating to America soon. The posted photo got mixed reactions among "Before the 90 Days" viewers and followers.

While some are happy that they will be getting their fairy tale ending, some slammed the two for making their relationship a media circus. In the comment section of the Insta post, a username called summerhols asked Lisa if Usman was in the US. Lisa replied, "we will live half year there an keep our house there an same in USA."

Issues with Lisa and Usman’s wedding

In related "90 Day Fiance" updates, Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme had trouble with their wedding in Nigeria. When marrying in Nigeria, couples have to first submit documents to make sure that they are not currently married. However, Lisa did not bring her divorce papers to Nigeria. Because of Lisa’s inability to show her documents, the officer at the consulate said that they could not get married.

Desperate to settle everything before her flight back to America, Lisa will try to do what she can to access her documents as soon as possible.

Lisa Hamme confirms she is still in a relationship with Usman Umar

There was some weird tension between Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar over the past few weeks. Because of this, a lot of "90 Day Fiance" fans thought that they are no longer together.

However, Lisa Hamme said that they have not broken up. Through her promoter, Rocco Straz, she explained that they are only going through a rough patch as most couples do. The passive-aggressive back-and-forth between Lisa and Usman helped spread the breakup rumors. The exchange started when Usman did a podcast interview about his time on "90 Day Fiance."

He claimed that Lisa manipulated him into being in a long-term relationship.

According to him, she threatened that she would commit suicide if he were to end their relationship. He also said that he planned to marry more than one wife. As a devout Muslim, he is permitted to do this and can marry as much as four wives. Lisa responded pointedly to Usman’s statements. She said that she will only agree to Usman marrying multiple wives if he promises he will financially support all of them on his own.

She also expressed outrage at his suicide claims. She said that she is an independent woman and would not take her life because of a man. Check out Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme on Sunday’s "90 Day Fiance" episode on TLC.