Larissa Dos Santos Lima might start thinking twice before she undergoes a cosmetic procedure. This was after a recent treatment reportedly failed miserably for the "90 Day Fiance" star. According to reports, the reality TV star did not feel satisfied after undergoing a recent procedure. Instead of making her look younger, she thought that it did the opposite. It was unclear what procedure the reality show personality was referring to.

Obsession with cosmetic treatments

Larissa goes through different cosmetic procedures every now and then. In fact, she already thinks that it could be an addiction.

She also said that she dreams of getting big breast implants soon. If she decides to go through with it, it would be her first actual cosmetics-related surgery. Her obsession with cosmetic treatments was already teased in her first appearance on "90 Day Fiance." Readers might remember that she dangled sexual favors in the face of ex-husband Colt Johnson just to get lip fillers. Her ex-husband ended up paying for them.

Larissa teases OnlyFans account

In other news, Larissa got divorced from Colt Johnson last year. To make ends meet, she confirmed that she will soon open an OnlyFans account. However, Larissa did not say a definite timeline as to when she will register on the website.

She announced her plans through an Instagram Story post, which constituted a screenshot of a fan message. In the photo, a persistent fan asked her if she plans to have an OnlyFans account. Lima wrote “SOON.” in big letters on one side of the screengrab.

On divorce with '90 Day Fiance' co-star Colt Johnson

Fans will remember, Larissa Dos Santos Lima appeared on "90 Day Fiance" with ex-husband Colt Johnson.

Since they finished their first stint on the show, things had gone horribly for the former couple. The two divorced after less than a year of marriage. They were physically violent with each other. As a matter of fact, Larissa got arrested for domestic battery during one of their arguments.

Months after the divorce was finalized, Larissa apologized to her former mother-in-law for the pain she caused.

According to her, she considered Debbie Johnson as her own mother. She felt the need to apologize because she thought that she accidentally dragged Debbie into her mess. After her divorce, Larissa went into an on-and-off relationship with Eric Nichols. However, they broke up after eight months. They remain friends with each other as evidenced by multiple pictures on their Instagram accounts. Colt Johnson appears on the "90 Day Fiance" spin-off limited series Self-Quarantined, which airs every Monday on TLC. Larissa Dos Santos Lima, on the other hand, will be part of the next season of "Happily Ever After."