"Batwoman" airs on The CW. The series is part of the network's"'Arrowverse" franchise. It's also known as a group of television series based on DC Comics properties. Among them has been "Arrow," hence the name. The series follows Kate Kane, cousin of Batman's alter ego, Bruce Wayne. Kate follows her cousin into a life of trying to protect Gotham City.

Like many other series on The CW and other outlets, "Batwoman" is dealing with scheduling shuffles. The shuffles come as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Under normal circumstances, the new season would probably be expected to debut in fall 2020.

As it is now, it won't be until at least early 2021. And the series is now dealing with re-casting a character. A pretty big one.

Star Ruby Rose drops out

The next season of "Batwoman" is to feature a new actress in the title role. In what The Hollywood Reporter called a "shocker," Ruby Rose is stepping away from the series. On the decision, Rose said it was very difficult and not made lightly.

Rose had high praise for her colleagues on the series. She said she has the utmost respect for everyone involved with "Batwoman". Rose added that she was 'beyond appreciative' and 'truly grateful' for the opportunity. Producers and The CW returned her praise. They thanked her for her contributions to the series' success and wished her the best.

A native of Australia, Ruby Rose might have been uniquely suited for the role. This is thanks to her mother, who rescued bats and kept them at the family home. As a result, Rose grew up around the animals that she would one day dress like. She also has family connections with Hall of Fame boxer Lionel Rose and World War I hero Alec Campbell.

A specific reason wasn't given for Rose's departure. But speculation quickly centered on her health. Yahoo has reported that she suffered a significant back injury. Apparently, she was nearly paralyzed and underwent major surgery. Some theorize that issues with her back have left her unable to continue on the series.

Fans now await an announcement on who the next "Batwoman" actress might be.

Early speculation has been placed on Stephanie Ruiz, who currently stars on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

She has appeared in other Arrowverse installments

Rose has appeared in other series that make up parts of the Arrowverse. It's not uncommon for cast members of the different series to float in and out of each other's projects. Rose can be spotted in episodes of "The Flash," "Arrow," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tomorrow".

In her pre-"Batwoman" days, Rose starred in the series "Orange Is the New Black." Her movie credits include "XXX: Return of Xander Cage," "John Wick: Chapter 2," "Pitch Perfect 3," and "The Meg."