Fans of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" were surprised when David finally met Lana this season. The American reality star had previously traveled to Ukraine to meet her, but his four trips had ended unsuccessfully. A majority of fans had given up hope that David would ever find Lana, but the last few episodes sprung a surprise after producers tracked down Lana, and she agreed to meet David. Even though the couple appeared happy when they got together, Lana could be second-guessing her decision to appear on "90 Day Fiancé."

David and Lana might be separated

After some portions of the yet to be released "Tell All" episodes leaked online, fans learned that David and Lana might be separated.

In the leaked video clips, David explained that his girlfriend was not happy with the attention she had received from appearing on TLC, and she has since taken time off from their relationship to avoid all the publicity that followed her appearance on the show. However, David said that he was still determined to be with her. The 60-year-old revealed that he is willing to move to Ukraine once he retires.

Due to the coronavirus, foreign travel has become more restricted, and it could take up to a year for the United States immigration offices to start processing visa applications. David revealed that he was not willing to wait that long for Lana to get her visa. Instead, he will move to Ukraine once he retires.

The 60-year-old computer programmer also revealed that he had not set a wedding date with Lana even though she accepted his marriage proposal. David said that he is waiting for her to get used to the spotlight before he can put any concrete plans in place for their wedding.

A unique love story on '90 Day Fiancé'

After he dated Lana virtually for seven years, David was excited to finally meet her in person.

He recently shared a video of the couple at bowling gym. In the video, David explained that he and Lana had agreed that they would kiss if he played well, and the couple has appeared to get along even though fans have doubted Lana’s commitment to David. The Ukrainian reality star has appeared uncomfortable with David on several occasions, and their chemistry and intimacy have come into question.

Although fans are happy that David finally met his girlfriend, they have speculated that Lana’s true motivation in the relationship might be her love for David’s money. When producers tracked her down in Ukraine, Lana refused to discuss how much money David had sent to her. Earlier in the season, David had claimed that he had sent over $100,000 to Lana in the course of their seven-year relationship. Fans will learn more about the couple’s fate in the upcoming Tell All episodes.