Big Ed is one of the popular "90 Day Fiance" stars. So far, his relationship with Rose didn't go so well; Rose broke up with him. Rose is now famous, she garnered more than 400,000 subscribers in less than a month of her first upload

Despite the hateful comments Big Ed gets on Instagram and other social media platforms, he continues to upload images and update his fans.

Recently Big Ed shared a photo advertising his decals, and someone said, "pls do a neck reveal." Many fans didn't like the comment and called it bullying. It is not the first time he is getting a comment asking for a neck reveal on his Instagram account.

Big Ed reveal a photo of his neck being visible

The reason he uploaded the photo might be because of the previous commenter who asked him to do a neck reveal. Some fans were surprised at how he has changed over the years. Some people asked if he changed his race. Big Ed captained the post saying: "what do you think is this Big Ed or Erick Estrada Circa 1984..!"

Big Ed gets slammed after trying to sell masks during the pandemic

Big Ed uploaded a photo, to Instagram, of his custom face mask, but it didn't get much applause. Some felt he was trying to make money off of the pandemic.

"90 Day Fiance" star Deavan Clegg commented saying: "You're using a pandemic to make a profit? I would say I'm shocked, but you used a girl to become famous.

I'm not supposed to comment at other cast members. But remember where you came from, you're giving all of us a bad name. Making money off this pandemic is an all-time low."

People were concerned about whether or not he made the face masks to make money for himself. Other "90 Day Fiance" stars made face masks to support workers and gave them away for free to help reduce the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

David Toborowsky shared a photo explaining how he has donated face masks to his community. He captioned the post saying: "Long day for everyone. We gave out over 50 masks today. I think Annie is going to fire her staff for trying to Halik (Kiss) her. Don't worry, Annie is still on the job, and we will keep giving away as many as possible.

Please understand we are currently helping the local 1st responders. They are not the hospital or commercial grade, and we are not charging, but we will get to as many people as we can before we send out to other places."

Angela and Michael donated face masks

Angela Deem also donated masks, giving about 35 face masks to McDonald's to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. She said that she and Michael were able to donate the masks for her community. Fans were curious to know if Michael was in the United States with her but got no reply. Michael is not in the United States because his Visa was rejected, and President Donald Trump banned Nigerians from traveling to the United States.