Throughout the fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé," David Murphey has been on a quest to meet his Ukrainian girlfriend. The 60-year-old American has insisted that she exists, and has even made four trips to Ukraine in an attempt to meet her in person. However, fans have speculated that the American reality star is the victim of a catfish scheme.

David has denied all suggestions that Lana, who he claims to have dated for seven years, is a catfish. Despite his desperate efforts to prove that his girlfriend is interested in him, last Sunday’s episode offered more proof that Lana is only using David to make some money.

Meanwhile, fans on social media left no stone unturned in order to make David realize that there is no Lana.

There is no Lana on '9 Day Fiance' and David's life

According to InTouch Weekly, even with all the evidence suggesting that Lana does not exist, David has resolutely insisted that he would continue pursuing her. The 60-year-old told producers that he did not believe the private investigators he had hired. He maintained that he would continue communicating with Lana and find out why she keeps avoiding him.

The American believes that after seven years of dating Lana, he has a good idea about her personality and hopes that he still gets to meet her.

While "90 Day Fiance" star David’s stubbornness is something to admire, fans have grown tired of the reality star’s insistence that his girlfriend exists. However, the next few episodes could provide a twist if producers can track Lana down.

David hires private detective

After returning from an unsuccessful trip to Ukraine, David hired a private investigator to find out why Lana had not met him in person.

The 60-year-old invited, Victoria, his friend from Ukraine, to translate the personal investigator’s findings. Victoria started by telling David that Lana was a scammer. According to the personal investigator, Lana has several online dating accounts. Victoria went on to reveal that David’s girlfriend had used the same profile picture for her different dating accounts.

However, David did not take the news too well and said that he did not believe the discoveries presented by the personal investigator. He defended Lana and alleged that she could be the victim of identity theft. The American reality star reasoned that some websites could be taking advantage of Lana by using her pictures without her permission.

David’s incredulous theory agitated Victoria, and she decided to challenge his delusional opinion about Lana.

In a sharp rebuke, Victoria told David to forget about Lana and move on since it was clear that he had fallen for a girl that did not exist. The two almost fell out with each other after the confrontation and Victoria had to remind David that she was just a messenger passing on the personal investigator’s findings. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance" updates.