"90 Day Fiance" Star Geoffrey Paschel has had a lot of negative things thrown at him, lately, but he draws the line when his son is brought up. The reality series personality, who has a shaky reputation among "90 Day Fiancé" fans, responded to a disturbing message he got on Instagram.

Geoffrey Paschel responds on Instagram

Geoffrey Paschel posted a screenshot of the message he got from Instagram user marcelitathecrazygypsy. Based on the picture, she asked him whether he has caused the death of any other child that he has been caring for lately. This was a reference to the death of Paschel’s son, Kazhem, in March 2018.

It can be remembered that he confessed on the show that grief still overcomes him sometimes every now and then.

He blasted the sender for making him feel even worse about his life. He wrote that he thinks that she is consumed with hate and that she has low self-worth, saying that he did not expect that he would still have to tell people off to be less hateful on social media. He also explained that he still feels remorse over the death of his son. He described how many what-ifs still haunt him to this day.

It seemed that people were siding with Paschel this time. The comments section of the post was filled with comments sympathizing with what he went through. Additionally, they criticized the person who sent the message for being insensitive towards Paschel’s feelings.

Allegations against Geoffrey Paschel

While his followers clearly relate to Paschel’s grief, a lot of the show’s viewers do not like him. Many disturbing details about Geoffrey Paschel and his past have come to light in the past weeks. While the reports have not been fully confirmed yet, they are troubling enough to get a reaction from the loyal fanbase of "90 Day Fiancé."

Based on reports, Paschel has a record of allegedly being abusive against women.

An example of the incidents that gave rise to this conclusion is when he was charged for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The reality show personality allegedly banged and threw his ex-lover’s body into the wall during the June 2019 incident. This gave her a lot of wounds and bruises. When she was ready to report it to 911, she discovered that he allegedly disconnected their phone.

This meant that she had to run away on foot to the police station.

Paschel denied that the incident happened. According to him, the ex-girlfriend is only trying to disrupt a custody case he has for his kids with a different ex-wife. There were also other allegations of violence against Paschel. A few involved other former lovers he had in the past.

Fans of '90 Day Fiancé' start petition against Paschel

Many "90 Day Fiancé" fans were alarmed at the allegations against Geoffrey Paschel. Because of this, some of them started a petition that urged TLC to remove him from the show. The writers of the petition wanted to make sure that Paschel is edited out of the popular reality series. They also urge TLC to block him from future shows on the network.