"90 Day Fiancé" star Big Ed seems to regret his decision to visit Rosemarie, his fiancé, in the Philippines. What he thought would be a good visit to his Rosemarie's hometown turned into an episode he will live to remember. As a good and loving fiancé, he had planned to visit Rose, get to know her family on a more personal level, and most likely ask for her hand in marriage, reports EOnline. This means he was bound to meet with Rosemarie’s father. Ahead of the trip, he bought a set of pajamas for his fiancé as a gesture of love. Meanwhile, some fans quick to notice that Rose's father might be younger than Ed.

Bizarre Experience For Ed on '90 Day Fiance'

On arriving at Rose’s hometown, he was taken aback by the immediate living conditions of his fiancé and her family. What shocked him, even more, was when he showered together with Rose’s father. How did it get to that point? Ed had voiced a need to shower. On hearing that, Rose told her father, who also wanted to shower with Ed. So he was joined in the bathing area by his fiancé’s father. Here is the sneak peek of "90 Day Fiance's" next episode.

To even make the matter worse, the "90 Day Fiance" star was forced to use an abnormal shower. Back at home, he was used to overhead showers. Here, there were no showers, so a hose and barrels of water were being used.

The hygienic conditions, and the disorganization around the house, was clearly, not what Ed was accustomed to. He could see chickens walking comfortably around the bathroom. The chickens could also be seen in the kitchen during dinner time. There were also bunnies and rabbits, Ed admitted.

Rose and Big Ed's interesting relationship

Rose, on her part, everything seemed normal. It was not a bid deal for her family to bathe together, reports EOnline. For her, being comfortable and close, as family members, was one of the primary reasons for them taking a shower together as a family. This might have been Ed’s worst experience.

Definitely, he was not expecting to bathe together with his potential father-in-law, neither was he expecting to live in poor living conditions. What scared him, even more, was when he saw a rat. He could not help screaming while moving far from the rodent. Following that occurrence, Big Ed suggested that he should make hotel reservations very soon. The living conditions were already unbearable for him. But for Rose, rodents were not a threat.

Although Ed was disappointed after showering with his fiancé’s father, he still had to ask for Rose’s hand in marriage. So he had to act as if nothing had happened and, out of respect, approach his potential father-in-law. But still, he had some fears. What if Rose’s father said no? Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."