"90 Day Fiancé" star Evelin Villegas has been the talk on every viewer's lips following allegations that she might have had a boob job. What started as a rumor was now tainting her reputation. So, she took to social media to clear the air about what was going on. To the eagerly waiting "90 Fay Fiancé" fans Evelin Villegas slammed the allegations. Through Instagram stories, she admitted receiving a couple of messages from people, curious to know if she indeed underwent the surgery, reports In Touch Weekly.

Evelin Villegas, dressed in a fabulous black bikini, told the eager fans that all that was going around were total rumors.

She maintained that she never got a breast augmentation, and it was something she was not planning to do, at least for the near future. Good angles, good lighting, good brains, and perhaps having gained some weight might have misled some of the fans to create such rumors. According to her, breast augmentation is against all principles and ideologies she wants to teach women. She believes that women have to love themselves the way they are. Therefore, there was no interest from her to have any surgery.

Corey Rathgeber shares his relationship status with Evelin Villegas

Despite Evelin Villegas having endured criticism for the alegged breast augmentation, her fiancé has been very supportive. Corey Rathgeber came out and reassured the public that he was still in a relationship with Evelin.

He further stated that regardless of facing some hard times, they had no intention of calling it quits. According to him, Laura Jallali had fabricated rumors claiming he and Evelin were parting ways.

Even though Corey had not met with Laura for a period of three months, he still believed she has been spreading lies about the two lovebirds.

But it seems, Corey and Evelin are not being distracted by all the false accusations being hurled at them. Instead, they are having the best time of their lives in Ecuador despite the lockdown imposed due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak around the world.

Important update by the '90 Day Fiance' stars

During these tough times, as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the world, their message is clear.

Everyone should stay happy, stay safe and stay at home to flatten the coronavirus spread curve. In their recent photo together, Corey thanked all the fans for their continued support and love during these trying times. At the moment, "90 Day Fiancé" fans ought to stay patient since the two stars will be giving an important update very soon. They are set to feature in the latest spinoff of "90 Day Fiancé" known as Self-Quarantined. There is a lot in store for everyone who follows this TLC show.