Royals feel the time has come for charities under the Royal Foundation to go separate ways. This should not come as a surprise because the mindsets of those who run them are different. There could be an obvious clash of interests and others would feel the effect. Hence, if handled separately, greater benefits would accrue to the recipients. A section of the people might read a lot into this split but Meghan and Harry have always been outspoken supporters of a number of charitable causes. It is no secret that they have plans to expand their reach and once they unlink from the Royal Foundation it would help their cause.

The foundation came into being in 2009.

Express UK reports that the editor of a newspaper had dropped certain hints on the subject. Those were regarding the intention of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to pursue different goals. As the editor, Russell Myers said, "The Sussexes are moving in a different direction than the Cambridges. It has a lot to do with Prince William being prepared to be Prince of Wales and King.”

Split in the Royal Foundation

The Duke of Cambridge has to prepare to don the crown of the King in due course of time. Obviously, his interest in charity work would not be the same as that of his brother the Duke of Sussex.

Hence, the Sussex’s have clearance to “move in their own direction.” They have their own media team and live in Frogmore Cottage, which is a different place. This does not necessarily imply a major rift in the royal family. Incidentally, both William and Harry have a different outlook on life like their wives Kate and Meghan.

While William piloted ambulances, Harry piloted fighter planes. Similarly, Kate was a British girl but Meghan was an American actor.

Express UK goes on to add that people in the know claim Meghan is apparently not happy with her social media account because it has fewer followers compared to that of William and Kate.

It seems Meghan is trying to find the reasons. She is in dialogue with experts who handle matters related to social media. The difference is quite large and Megan and Harry would like to close the gap.

The Royal Foundation will get a new look

According to India Today, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will enter a new phase in their lives when they begin their own charitable foundation. They have announced that they will leave the joint charity they share with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and pursue their interests separately. This will mean the official end of the partnership between the two Royal couples. The decision was not sudden. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had announced before their son Archie’s birth that they will set up their own household and move away from Kensington Palace.

As to the future of the Royal Foundation, William and Kate will remain with the original charity. It will be renamed Royal Foundation of Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. Harry and Meghan will establish their own foundation and should not face hurdles because both have experience in such matters.