Scott Stapp is a doting dad who adores his family time, but the epochal and acclaimed lyricist, vocalist, and unforgettable stage presence is spending his time looking toward summer doing something he never imagined-- staying home with the kids. Like legions of other artists at all levels, Scott Stapp is following the life-saving directives to save lives under the tragic circumstances of the coronavirus siege.

The timing, and this particular passage in history, could not be more apropos for the latest video release from Scott Stapp. His lyrical video for “Survivor,” the latest release from “The Space Between The Shadows” summons heroes of all ilks and eras.

Its images hearken from the 1968 Mexico City Olympics and the riveting raised fists of Tommie Smith and John Carlos to the millions in the #MeToo movement who refused to be unheard and shadowed in injustice any longer. Cancer survivors, street-weary souls struggling for food, and children fill the frames, too. Near the close, Scott Stapp breaks through the glass box of false perceptions, making his own statement of survival.

It is hard to imagine that just as much of the world gathered with precious family and friends last Christmas and New Years, a gathering storm of disease was about to strike humanity in unimaginable ways. Our heroes, through these months of self-isolation, are also ones that go unrecognized-- the nurses, doctors, therapists, technicians, cooks, and housekeepers whose shifts carry on unimpeded.

Truckers, delivery persons, and grocers are among many more who put aside personal danger for their community good.

This is certainly an unprecedented kind of battle for the global family, and Scott Stapp declares that “to me, all survivors are heroes,” in an April 22 Loudwire feature. During any crisis, the call to “do something” overtakes the human spirit.

Amid the pandemic, however, doing nothing outside of the home is proving the most powerful force to “flatten the curve.” Scott Stapp is adhering to orders and making some joyful memories while the “stay-at-home” orders gradually ease this week in his Tennessee home. As reported by Billboard on April 27, the acclaimed artist and his youngest son, Anthony, were dodging, weaving, and throwing Spiderman webs from their dining room chairs.

Scott Stapp knows how to add a dramatic effect to any superhero setting

In a delightful video snippet captured and shared by Jaclyn Stapp, father and son are fully engrossed in the action from the laptop screen, with Spiderman and his allies battling for their lives. Of course, daddy Scott Stapp knows who will come out just fine, but he isn't about to let two-year-old Anthony know.

It's a sweet delight to hear Anthony exclaim “Mee-na-mee!” (Of course, the perfect toddler-speak of “Spiderman”) in absolute zeal. As his son’s eyes widen with the action, dad covers his mouth, giving out an “Oh, no!” Scott Stapp is not about to slip up when it comes to superhero training-- even the virtual kind. He and Anthony lay some of their own blows on Spiderman’s foes and the righteous arachnoid-human lives to fight another day.

The troupe of toy superhero characters laying around the keyboard gave their all for the cause.

Spiderman and siblings have sparked language and learning through quarantine for the Scott Stapp family

Like every other family from all points on the globe, the Stapp family is engaged in virtual learning for their daughter, Milan, son Daniel, and even for Anthony. Play is the primary “work” of childhood, like Piaget, and every experienced and beloved teacher of young children can attest.

Along with countless other parents, Scott Stapp is witnessing the plus side of the added hours in family togetherness. Their everyday routines resemble real-life over that of Celebrities and rock star imagery on TV Shows. Being “all in this together” has been equalizing across every household.

“It's amazing how talkative the baby has become,” reflects the proud papa, noting the expressive effects of having his siblings home “around the clock.” For some teenagers, this time might be reminiscent of another hit co-written by Scott Stapp, “My Own Prison,” but the songwriter father sees his older kids “teaching, engaging, and encouraging” their little brother, and a dose of “Spidey-sense” fun with dad doesn't hurt one bit.

This is a family that lives out love “With Arms Wide Open.”

Anthony’s arrival in 2017 was celebrated as a beautiful blessing by the whole family, and each member of the family was featured in beautiful pregnancy and birth announcement photo sessions.

Family ties take priority for Scott Stapp

Scott and Jaclyn have temporarily paused the touring plans that were part of “The Survivor Tour” in light of the essential safety and health considerations at present. Fans from the US to Europe can look forward to the surging Scott Stapp passion pouring from the stage again someday soon. No matter whether the family is under quarantine or rolling on the tour bus, parenting never takes a backseat. The couple insists that time together is built-in between any tour dates, and Scott Stapp knows the impact of a present parent.

One of the most moving songs Stapp included in his set on last year's “The Space Between the Shadows” Tour was “Name.” The brutally honest ballad reverberates with lasting pain of abandonment, taken from Scott Stapp’s own journey of abuse, abandonment, and distorted religiosity.

“I am a son without a father,” the chorus piercingly echoes. “He gave his name and walked away/ I am a man, now a father,” the course concludes before the final, eternal promise, “And I swear my son will never know that pain.”

Fulfilling the promise of being a true father is the hardest work and the truest heroism that any man can earn.

The artistry and ageless truth from Scott Stapp will live forever in his songs and the resonance of his incomparable baritone. He has described that the courage in “Survivor” is a “mindset of overcoming” with courage that no matter what comes against someone, they can stand, endure, and “come out the other side” by faith, will, and strength. He has lived those lessons to pass onto his children before their eyes. He is a hero beyond the make-believe Spiderman, and the evidence is in his son’s eyes.