Scott and Jaclyn Stapp are celebrating this Christmas season with an exuberant joy that exceeds the excitement and anticipation that the family always exudes in this time of faith and family. Scott Stapp had already announced via Twitter that the month of November would be reserved for things “all about family” as he and his wife, Jaclyn, prepared for the arrival of a son, Anthony Issa Stapp. After a year of rigorous months on the road with a solo tour, then as headliner for the Make America Rock Again, as well as a stint with Art of Anarchy in support of the album, “The Madness” written and recorded this year, the Creed singer and busy dad and mom were due some quiet time for finishing last details of the nursery and baby-proofing their Tennessee home.

Jaclyn Stapp chronicled her third journey through pregnancy with an intimate blog series for People magazine, and her entry about being in the “home stretch” with Anthony must have been heard loud and clear by her healthy 8 pounds-plus boy. Only days later, on November 16, she and Scott were off to the hospital to finally welcome their son with arms wide open and countless loving kisses to the family. Brother and sister, Daniel, 7, and Milan, 10, surrounded their long-awaited baby brother with tender caresses of their own for a December 6 photo shoot featured in a People magazine exclusive. The newest addition to the Stapp family is sure to be the dearest gift around the Christmas tree, and a blessing beyond anything tied with a ribbon or bow.

Precious peace

The world of a baby through the first weeks revolves around routines of eating, sleeping, and getting used to all the sights, sounds, touches, and other sensory stimuli of the home outside the snug safety of mommy’s womb. Scott and Jaclyn Stapp seem absolutely delighted to fall into learning Anthony’s personal routines for the middle of the night feedings and diaper changes, and what every little cry means.

Without a smidge of hesitation, Scott declared “I love that role of being a dad,” when the couple announced they were expecting again.

Jaclyn expressed how the photos were meant to “capture the awe and innocence of a newborn” and she gushed as only a proud mama does in describing Anthony's “scrunchy little face, wrinkles and rolls.” Naturally, “adorable” was her word for her son, and Scott described the entire day with the family as “serene.”

In one moving image, Jaclyn and Scott Stapp caress baby Anthony heads leaning together, eyes closed, as he rests under the protection of both parents’ arms against his mother's shoulder.

Another stunning black-and-white pose has newborn Anthony between his older brother and sister, who are holding hands tenderly over his body.

New adventures together

Anthony showed how easily settling into his loving, active, and harmonious family has been. One portrait shows him wrapped in the deep blue hues, dozing off with a beautiful smile. Hopefully, that easy disposition is part of his daily life in the Stapp family home. This time around, there are more arms, legs, and laps to accommodate little brother’s needs, including a grandmother’s love and wisdom.

The photo series was done by Brooke Kelly Photography in the local Tennessee area and served as a deep bonding experience for the whole family.

The experience was one that “reminded [the family] of the deep love and strength we have for each other,” Scott Stapp related. Jaclyn affirmed that there was never a need for prompts of affection since Daniel “couldn't stop kissing and cuddling” his little brother. The day of taking photos is already a memorable adventure for the Stapp family and one that Anthony and everyone can cherish through the years.

Parenthood always inspires with the incredible ability of children to see things with new eyes and cause everyday things to become reasons for celebration. There are sure to be new songs inspired by this blessed and beautiful arrival. From their children’s names to the music in the family, Scott and Jaclyn Stapp have a family who knows the power of grace, faith, and love, one day at a time. This Christmas Day will be accompanied by the sound of a beautiful baby son’s coos.