Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar are one of the couples featured on this season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." But based on a teaser for an upcoming episode, it looks like their relationship is not going to last long, reports EOnline. In an exclusive look into Sunday’s episode, the two are shown in a heated exchange because of how Umar interacts with his fans. Called Sojaboy by the entertainment media, the Nigerian celebrity has a huge female following and he attracts a lot of attention from female fans. As his girlfriend, Hamme spoke out about how this made her uncomfortable.

Umar responded, telling that he is getting tired by how it seems he can never do anything correctly in her eyes.

Umar also expressed his frustration at the fact that Hamme seemed to look down on his lifestyle. His American girlfriend was vocal in not being impressed with the way he is living his life in Nigeria. He then wondered whether it was a good decision for him to be in a relationship with Hamme. According to EOnline, he realized that he already feels that she does not respect him in his home country. He wondered how she will treat him when he decides to live with her in America.

Lisa Hamme, Usman Umar excite viewers with the first meeting

As with most couples in the "90 Day Fiancé" spinoff, the reality series showed Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar meeting for the first time.

The two had already been in an online relationship even before the show but they have not seen each other in the flesh yet. When she finally saw Umar in person, she exclaimed that he was even better looking in the flesh than online. But Umar did not share that assessment, airing his disappointment with her looks in a confessional.

But that did not stop them from being romantic with each other. In fact, their public displays of affection have been a source of discomfort for his friends, who mostly grew up in a conservative environment. Hamme also visited the house that Umar occupies with two other people, reports EOnline. She was not enthusiastic about what she saw, uttering her disgust at the sight of his bathroom and his bedroom.

Hamme criticized for meddling with Umar’s career

Usman Umar has a significant career as a hip-hop artist in his home country of Nigeria. His friends, however, fear that the career will be affected by how possessive Lisa Hamme can be. In a previous "90 Day Fiancé" episode, Hamme showed just how controlling she can be because of her jealousy. After seeing that Umar shot a music video with a beautiful model recently, she told Umar that the model should be edited from the clip. Because of this, Umar’s friends did not hold back in telling her that she could harm her boyfriend’s career. But she insisted on having her way because the song the music video was based on is reportedly about her.