Big Ed has not completely gotten off the hook from a recent controversy yet. But, it looks like he will trigger a backlash among the show’s fans again. The "90 Day Fiancé" star made another problematic request to Rosemarie that has sent fans’ tongues wagging in frustration.

In a clip lifted from next Sunday’s "Before the 90 Days" episode, Big Ed tells Rosemarie to shave her legs. According to him, it would do a lot to make her attractive as a person.

He tried to pass it off as a joke, telling her that her legs look like his own. This surprised Rosemarie because she did not expect her boyfriend to demand her to meet his standards of beauty.

Fans were immediately outraged at Big Ed, who has already been facing a lot of criticism because of his controlling nature. They slammed him for his request because Rosemarie is a struggling mother of one in a poor country, reports People. They believe shaving her legs should not be her priority.

Big Ed’s controversial STD request to Rosemarie

Just last week, fans criticized Big Ed for demanding that Rosemarie undergo an STD test.

People attacked the "90 Day Fiancé" personality on social media for what they believed was an insensitive remark. The STD conversation started because Big Ed was frustrated with Rosemarie’s unwillingness to talk about her past relationships. Since he was serious about wanting to marry her, he felt he needed to know her more.

But she did not want to discuss her previous relationships, hating reliving her past. Finally, he understood her hesitation to talk about some parts of her life. But he also wanted to make sure that Rosemarie was not the type of woman to sleep around.

This was when he brought up the possibility of her getting an STD test. Rosemarie did not appreciate the suggestion at all, calling him out for not trusting her. She told him how disappointed and offended she was by what he was implying. Unsurprisingly, "90 Day Fiance" fans agreed with Rosemarie. They took particular offense at how Big Ed handled the whole thing because he could have done so without offending her.

Big Ed antics on Instagram

The "90 Day Fiancé" star has been busy on social media for the past weeks. This gave him a lot of opportunities to connect with his fans and explain some of his decisions on the show. Recently, Big Ed uploaded multiple bizarre videos on his Instagram. In one of these clips, he explained the reason why he keeps on touching his eyeglasses.

He showed how one of his ears is located in a lower position on his head than the other. This is why he always has to adjust his glasses back up. In a different video, he also clarified the reason behind his decision to always wear black clothes. According to him, black is a fail-safe fashion choice for people like him who do not know enough about mixing clothing pieces.