The fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" continues this Sunday, and some of the relationships on the show could be on the brink of falling apart. One of the couples who have provided fans with several talking points each week is Usman and Lisa. The couple’s relationship has had several bumps, and their differences could soon prove to be too big for them to resolve, reports EOnline.

Lisa and Usman's relationship on '90 Day Fiance'

Lisa traveled from the United States to Nigeria to meet Usman in person.

The two had been dating online for close to two years. Once she arrived in the African country, Lisa did not hide her disappointment at the living conditions, despite her boyfriend’s best efforts to make her feel comfortable.

The two have been staying at a hotel after Lisa refused to stay at her boyfriend’s house, which he shares with several other roommates. The couple has also clashed over Usman’s music career. The 30-year-old Nigerian is a hip-hop artist in his country and goes by the stage name ‘Sojaboy.’ Lisa has repeatedly shown her jealous side when Usman has interacted with his female fans, and some of Usman’s friends have accused her of being too controlling.

In a recently released preview clip for this Sunday’s episode, Usman finally expresses his frustrations with Lisa’s attitude during her stay in Nigeria.

He tells his American girlfriend that he feels that nothing he does for her will ever be enough. Usman appears tired of her constant complaints about the living conditions in Nigeria. He also says that he can no longer tolerate Lisa’s rude behavior towards him, his friends, and his music fans.

Usman confronts Lisa's agressiveness

The 30-year-old appears emotional as he tries to reason with his girlfriend. Usman does not understand why she is so aggressive towards him while he has never been rude to her during their two-year relationship. He insists that he has always treated Lisa respectfully, which she hasn’t reciprocated during her three-week stay in his country.

Lisa appears shocked by Usman’s emotional outburst. She angrily asks him if he wants to end the relationship, but her boyfriend calmly tells her that he is only expressing how he feels about the current state of their union.

He coolly explains to Lisa that her behavior has made him scared for his future if the couple moves to the United States.

Usman claims that her actions will only get worse once they return to her country, where he doesn’t have any relatives or friends to cry to when she mistreats him. The Nigerian reveals that he intends to move to the United States permanently, but he is having doubts after seeing how irritable Lisa has been during her stay in Nigeria.