"90 Day Fiancé" couple, Big Ed, and Rosemarie have been an interesting match and have captivated fan interest since the fourth season premiered in February. Big Ed, in particular, has been a fan favorite due to his warm personality. However, his relationship with Rosemarie has not been smooth. The couple has had several trust issues since they met in person. Meanwhile, fans are now not like Big Ed and Rosemarie's relationship due to a number of reasons. The viewers slamming Big Ed for his lies and STD test demand while Rose is dubbed as 'gold digger.' To show their displeasure with the couple, fans started a trend against them on Twitter.

Rosemarie and Big Ed's relationship on '90 Day Fiance'

Rosemarie had to deal with the shock of finding out Big Ed’s actual height when she first saw him. The reality star had lied about his true height, telling Rosemarie during their chats on Facebook that he was 5-foot-2; instead, of his true 4-foot-11 height. However, his girlfriend decided to forgive the little lie, but that was not the end of their trust issues. Big Ed had some suspicions of his own, and he asked Rosemarie to take an STD test after the 23-year-old dodged questions about her past relationships.

Big Ed wanted to know more about Rosemarie's previous relationships. However, his Filipino girlfriend did not give him any details, which only increased his suspicions.

Rosemarie was furious after Big Ed insisted that she take the test. She took it as a sign that he did not trust her, and the two had an intense argument. Rosemarie said that she would take the test if Big Ed also agreed to get tested. The San Diego resident refused, saying that he did not trust the hospitals in the Philippines.

Despite their many trust issues, the couple appeared to have made up in last Sunday's episode. When fans caught up with the two, things appeared to have blown over, and the pair was on speaking terms again. Big Ed offered to massage Rosemarie’s foot, and she reluctantly agreed. The 23-year-old was only wearing lingerie during the massage, but Big Ed awkwardly said that he would only look at her feet. Fans were also not happy with his intimate advances. The reality star asked Rosemarie what the Filipino word for a kiss was. She replied that it was ‘Halik’.

The foot massage

Big Ed then asked, “May I halik you?” The weird foot massage scene did not impress viewers, with many feeling that Big Ed was only using Rosemarie to fulfill his sexual desires.

The huge age difference between the two also has fans feeling uncomfortable about their relationship.

Big Ed is 31 years older than Rosemarie, and he has a daughter older than his girlfriend. Fans feel that the huge age difference will work to Rosemarie’s disadvantage if the couple moves to the United States.