"90 Day Fiance" star Lisa Hamme is once again getting criticized online because of her relationship with Nigerian celebrity, Usman Umar. According to ET Online, Usman recently met Lisa's mother. People believe that she only stuck through with Umar because of the sexual part of their relationship. Hamme has been particularly clingy towards Umar during her trip to Nigeria. The two have been touchy-feely with each other in public, which earned uncomfortable stares in the conservative country.

But, she has not shown any indication that she is only in the relationship for its sexual nature.

It surely is not because she does not like to talk about what they do in the bedroom. So far, Hamme has not issued any response to the criticisms against her. With the "Before the 90 Days" season coming to a close, she will soon have to address these issues.

Lisa Hamme finally meets future mother-in-law

Meanwhile, Lisa Hamme just met her mother-in-law for the first time on Sunday’s "90 Day Fiancé" episode. It would be a huge understatement to say that things did not go well. Hamme did everything she can to impress Umar’s mother in the "Before the 90 Days" episode, reports ET. Otherwise, she might not get the blessing to marry Umar. She even wore traditional clothes and gifted her future mother-in-law a goat.

Umar’s mother thanked Hamme for making an effort. But when she started talking about going to America with Umar, she shook her head and then walked out. This was a bad sign and it triggered another fight between the couple.

Usman Umar only wants to marry Hamme for the visa?

Usman Umar, for his part, is also facing accusations that he only wants to marry Lisa Hamme for a green card.

The "90 Day Fiancé" star is not one to shy away in talking about his dreams of being a huge success in America. He admitted that it was one of the reasons why he got into a relationship with Hamme in the first place. A green card will take him one step closer to achieving his dreams of cross-Atlantic success.

Hamme interferes in Umar’s career

Recently, "90 Day Fiancé" fans slammed Lisa Hamme for her negative impact on the career of Usman Umar. In a past "Before the 90 Days" episode, Hamme voiced out her disapproval of the music video Umar shot for one of his songs. According to her, her fiancé wrote the song with her in mind. She did not want anyone to stand in for her in the promotional video.

She then demanded that Umar and his production team edit out the female model that was part of the shoot. This led to a confrontation between Hamme and Umar’s friends. They told her that interfering with his career could have dire consequences for him. Ultimately, Umar decided to go ahead with the release of the music video without editing the female model out. The video hit the Internet last month and has been a decent hit in his home country of Nigeria.