Once again, Ed Brown has some realizations about his relationship with Rosemarie Vega. After seeing how poor his wife-to-be is, the "90 Day Fiancé" personality is left wondering if she is only in it for the green card. Brown had to stay in the house that Vega and her 4-year old son Prince shares with her parents. It was there that he saw the level of poverty the woman he is marrying experiences on a daily basis.

He saw how Rosemarie Vega and Prince just laid down sheets on the floor to sleep. According to ET, he was not able to sleep a lot that night because he has atopic dermatitis.

According to him, he can only sleep in beddings with 1,000 thread count and above. Because of what he saw, Big Ed now doubts whether Rosemarie Vega truly loves him. He is also wondered if she only sees him as her “meal ticket” out of her current impoverished status.

Ed Brown called out for being controlling with Rosemarie Vega

The past few "90 Day Fiancé" episodes have made Ed Brown a controversial figure. He has done multiple actions in these episodes that have only confirmed reports that he is controlling. A past "Before the 90 Days" clip revealed how Big Ed asked his fiancé to shave her legs. According to him, in the video below, she would be more attractive if her legs were smooth. He even made it a point to joke that her legs are just as hairy as his.

The demand made Vega confused, who did not see the need to shave before.

Fans have not forgiven Big Ed yet

Due to the controversial actions made by Ed Brown, a lot of fans have expressed their disappointment in him. They criticize him mainly on social media (mainly Instagram), where he is extremely active. His request for Rosemarie Vega to shave her legs is only the beginning of a long list of controversial actions.

Firstly, he got criticized after lying to her about his real height. People believe that lying about that important detail is tantamount to catfishing.

Big Ed wanted Rose to take STD ( Sexually Transmitted Disease) test

The California-based professional photographer also experienced outrage online after he told Vega to take an STD test.

The request was born out of frustration from her refusal to talk about past relationships. Vega already got annoyed with his questions so he thought that having an STD ( Sexually Transmitted Disease) test would be a good compromise. If her results come clean, he will no longer ask her invasive questions about her past.

As a lot of fans expected, the request did not go so well with Vega. She was saddened by what he is asking of her because it meant that he did not truly trust. Moreover, she was disappointed and offended at what his request is implying with regard to her sexual health. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."