It finally dawns on David Murphy that Lana is not a real person after all. The "90 Day Fiance" cast member thought of this after she stood him up again. During Sunday’s "Before the 90 Days" episode, David decided to put matters in his own hands. He went to an address that Lana previously gave him so he can clarify their status as a couple once and for all.

However, he did not find a young blonde woman in the apartment. Instead, he saw an old man, who said that he did not know anyone named Lana. He has also not seen any person like the one in the picture David showed him.

Heartbroken by the events of the day, he went back to Odesa, Ukraine. He is now resigned to the possibility that he might never see Lana. According to EOnline, David said, "She hurt me." He also confirmed that he is hiring a private detective. Viewers have been frustrated with David for weeks. For them, it was clear that Lana was a catfish. But now that he is starting to believe the catfish theories, they are hoping that he will finally move on.

David Murphy on relationships with Ukrainian women

David Murphy recently had an interview about his dating life. In it, he explained his attraction to Ukrainian women and why he always flies to Ukraine. In an Instagram Q&A, he revealed that he has only been in exclusive relationships with Ukrainian women for the past decade.

According to his account, he has been on dates with at least 100 Ukrainian women.

According to him, his interest in Ukrainian women started when he got introduced to a dating website. At first, he also chatted with Russian women. However, strict visa guidelines in Russia forced him to focus on dating Ukrainians instead. Additionally, he disclosed that he is the type of person who will spend a lot when dating other people.

He also said that spending money helps sustain women’s interest in him.

Interesting theory about Lana

Meanwhile, "90 Day Fiance" fans think that they have figured out the person behind Lana. According to their theory, Lana could be the restaurant owner on the show. The restaurant owner interacted with David Murphy, in person, in a recent "Before the 90 Days" episode.

She served David champagne as he was waiting for Lana to arrive at the restaurant.

The restaurant owner was interviewed by the production crew when David left the building. According to her, it has become a common occurrence for her to see men who get stood up by their girlfriends. The theory started when a Reddit user joked that the restaurant owner was behind Lana. According to the Reddit user, it is possible that the restaurant owner set up the account to sell more champagne. Other Reddit users pounced on the idea, saying that it has plausibility. Viewers will find out if their theory has credibility in the next "90 Day Fiance." The succeeding "Before the 90 Days" episode will air on Sunday, May 03.