Usman Umar recently opened up about his relationship with Lisa Hamme. It looked like the Nigerian "90 Day Fiance" star had a lot of challenges in dealing with his partner. One of the most shocking things he talked about was how Hamme, reportedly, used her mental health to manipulate him. In an interview, on the Lip Service podcast, he said that Lisa had a particular way of reacting when he refused her sexual advances.

According to Usman, Lisa used to cry when he would tell her that he did not want to have sex. She, reportedly, knows that he does not like it when people cry.

She used this knowledge to try to pressure him to do the things she wanted.

He also confessed to telling Lisa that he did not love her after their first year of being in an online relationship. However, she allegedly threatened him saying she would commit suicide if they broke up. This gave him the burden to continue with the relationship even though he did not love her.

Lisa Hamme denies Usman’s claims

After the shocking revelations, Lisa Hamme shot back at Usman Umar. She denied his claims, outright, telling fans that she was an independent woman who would not run after a man. In a statement, she also said that mental health was not something that she took lightly. She promised that she would not consider committing suicide because of a man - ever.

She also expressed her theories as to why Usman decided to come out with such claims. According to Lisa, he was “angry” at people, especially her, at the time.

Usman Umar on choosing music career over Lisa

The claims over Lisa Hamme’s mental health, are not the only jaw-dropping things Usman Umar talked about, recently. The Nigerian entertainer also called “SojaBoy,” said that he wanted to have more wives.

Usman is a devout Muslim so he can take as much as four wives. One of his reasons for wanting to have multiple wives was Lisa’s inability to bear children.

Surprisingly, Lisa Hamme is not totally against the idea. However, she has a condition: he must be able to support them financially. Lisa does not have a good track record in dealing with her jealousy.

In a previous episode, she had a major argument with Usman over his closeness to his female fans.

Lisa, Usman on '90 Day Fiance'

The two easily became among the most popular and polarizing figures on "Before the 90 Days." This is due to many factors, including the huge difference in their ages and Lisa’s controlling behavior. According to Lisa’s representative, Lisa and Usman are still together as a couple. Viewers will have to wait and see if the couple will jump to the franchise’s mother ship show soon. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."