Former One Direction singer Liam Payne had recently revealed to the world that the iconic boy band, which was formed together by Simon Cowell during the 7th season of X-Factor, is currently in talks to finally return for a rather much-awaited reunion. As per news reports, the band's members are reuniting for One Direction's tenth anniversary in July of 2020. However, Payne has given a hint to the band's fans that singer Zayn Malik is not going to be a part of the upcoming reunion and that news has absolutely devastated the die-hard fans.

Liam Payne recently gave a brief interview on an Instagram live session to popular DJ Alesso and told him that Louis Tomlinson is sort of angry with Payne because he has already given out a lot of sensitive information regarding the band's July reunion.

Payne also said to Alesso that the band's members are working to put together their very first ‘Facetime Moment.’

Zayn's role in the upcoming One Direction reunion

During Liam Payne's Instagram interview with DJ Alesso, Payne asked Alesso a question that cleared all of the doubts about whether Zayn is going to be in the reunion or not. Payne went on to ask Alesso that would he like to be a replacement for Zayn in the upcoming reunion. Those One Direction fans who might have been wondering about whether they would see Malik or not in the reunion got their answers when Payne asked that question, which basically confirmed the fact that fans are not going to catch a glimpse of Malik during the reunion.

Shortly after Liam Payne asked that shocking question to Alesso, the fans of One Direction literally flooded social media with their opinions on Zayn not being a part of the reunion. While certain fans began attacking Payne for inviting someone else to replace Zayn because they believe that he is truly irreplaceable. Others said that they don't want a reunion altogether if it won't include the 27-year-old singer.

Some One Direction fans even said that they believe Liam and Louis are not including Zayn in the reunion because they want to be relevant in the music industry again, suggesting that Liam Payne requires this reunion to take place since otherwise, his songs would never make it to the top 100 again. A ton of fans even roasted the individual careers of Louis and Liam, saying that Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are perfectly fine even if this reunion doesn't happen because their careers are going pretty great.

The fans also said that Liam, as well as Louis, need this reunion so badly because their singing careers went downwards ever since the band broke up in 2015.

One Direction's relationship with Zayn Malik

Despite the severe anger that was expressed by some One Direction enthusiasts upon hearing the news that Malik won't be joining the reunion, some fans were not at all angry with him not being in the reunion. One fan tweeted that he is happy with the boy band's decision of not including him in the reunion. Some devoted Zayn fans said they only loved the band because of him in it and that they are baffled by how often the band's members bring him up in their interviews, even though they have no plan of including him in their upcoming projects.

These hardcore Zayn fans even jokingly advised him that he immediately needs to file a restraining order against his former band members because they have a strange obsession with him. However, some of his dedicated fans have distinct suggestions of what they want to hear from the singer in the future. Many of whom had tweeted that they badly want a collaboration between Zayn Malik and BTS, saying that all they are waiting for now is for the K-pop fanbase to discover how talented he is. BTS is a highly famous South Korean boy band group.