"90 Day Fiance" star Usman was never sure that his mother would approve of his relationship with Lisa. There were many underlying reasons why Usman’s mother was not going to allow her son to be married to Lisa. So, even though he hanged on the false hope that perhaps his mother would be lenient one day, chances seemed minimal.

The "90 Day Fiance" star had already prepared Lisa on knowing that there is a possibility they might not end up together.

He told her that if his mother did not approve of their relationship, then no marriage and moving to America. Ahead of the first meeting between Lisa and Usman’s mom in Nigeria, a few significant preparations were made. Usman bought a nice African dress for his fiancé, while Lisa bought a goat for her potential mother in law with the hope of winning her heart. But as expected, the meeting did not go as planned. After the latest episode, fans showed their happiness after Usman's mother disapproves of the relationship.

Usman had earlier told his family that he met with Lisa online.

Unfortunately, it did not go down well with his family members, especially his mother. In fact, his mother stopped talking to him for at least three months. So the worst was just about to happen, considering that Lisa and Usman’s mom were meeting officially for the first time.

Lisa meets Usman's mother

Immediately Lisa met his family; everything went wrong.

His sister in law, brother, two sisters and mother could not hide their disappointment in Usman. It even became worse when his older sister discovered that Usman had lied abut Lisa’s profession. She was a hospice caregiver, but her fiancé told the family she was a doctor.

His mother could not take it anymore when Lisa expressed the desire to marry Usman.

She silently shook her head and walked away, a sign that she was angry. The idea of her son being married to Lisa and moving to America was not one she was open to discussing. For Usman’s mother, all she wanted was for her son to marry a Muslim lady. According to her, Usman would only become Lisa’s slave if they got married and relocated to America.

Usman on '90 Day Fiance'

Usman, being a musician under the name “Sojaboy,” was hoping that he could go to America and become an established hip-hop musician. But that will only be possible if he married Lisa. Even though Usman’s mother does not want their union to go on, Lisa is determined to have her way.

In fact, she admitted that getting blessings from Usman’s mother before getting married was not necessary. She is so determined to ensure she settles down with Usman regardless of anything. But Usman and his friends do not seem to agree with her on that course. Let us know what you think about Lisa and Usman's relationship, put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."