"90 Day Fiance" is set for another episode tomorrow. After insisting that Rosemarie be tested for STDs, Ed Brown has come again with another shocking demand for his fiancé. He wants Rose to shave her legs since he does not fancy the idea of a woman having leg hair. In fact, Ed Brown thinks leg hair, on a woman, is gross. Ed's demand came after the two lovebirds slept together. Even though the 54-year-old openly admitted that he enjoyed sex, the body hair became a point of concern. They were both disgusted. Rose did not like his beard. She even refused to kiss Ed in the morning, claiming that his whiskers hurt; thus, he ought to shave.

This time, fans are creeping out over Big Ed's bath with Rose's father. In the "90 Day Fiance" upcoming episode's teaser, one can see Big Ed taking a bath with Rose's father and Rose is pouring water on him. Fans called this another disgusting moment for Ed.

The shaving drama

Ed also had his complaints. He did not like the idea of his fiancé having leg hair. Since she had also complained about his beard, Ed thought it was best to strike a deal: He would shave his beard and he urged Rosemarie to shave her leg hair. At first, Rose frowned when Ed suggested that she needed a shave.

He then went further and told her to choose between shaving her legs or kissing him. In return, she rebuffed all advances he made and immediately went to the bathroom and shaved. After coming out, she insisted that Ed also had to follow suit.

Ed Brown’s untimely demand to Rosemarie

Ed Brown and Rosemarie met through Facebook, where their chats quickly escalated to FaceTime calls.

Within a short time, Ed left San Diego, California to visit Rose in the Philippines. After meeting, the two still felt good for each other, but there were a few concerns. Ed didn’t have the slightest idea about his fiancé’s past. Therefore, it just did not feel right for him to quickly say, "I do."

Even though he did not seem to offend her, Rosemarie was hurt, and she could not hide it.

She accused Ed for not trusting him. But eventually, she opened up about her past to him, prompting Ed to drop the STD Test agenda.

Love story of Big Ed and Rose on '90 Day Fiance'

The age difference between Ed Brown,54 and Rosemarie 31 might have seemed to be a point of concern before the two fell in love. But Rose assured him that she was not bothered about their age difference. Though, Ed had earlier disagreed with her daughter Tiffany and mom who he termed as his biggest naysayers. This is because he was dating a woman six years younger than his daughter. But it seems all is well after Tiffany reconnecting with him at the airport while he was living for the Philippines. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."