"90 Day Fiancé" star Avery Mills finally got overwhelmed with questions from fans, centered around her relationship with Omar Albakkour. The two were still living in different countries, and that raised eyebrows among this TLC show's viewers. The eager fans wanted to know why Avery was still living in America with Omar still in Syria, despite the two being married. So, Avery took to Instagram to clear the air about what was going on, reports In Touch Weekly. Through her Instagram stories, she insisted they were happily married. As to why she was still living in America, Avery confirmed that she was attending college, working, and helping Omar secure an American Spousal visa.

Avery and Omar were introduced to fans during "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days," Season 3. The couple met through a Muslim dating app. They met in person, for the first time, in Lebanon. A colorful wedding followed, which fans got a chance to witness. Unfortunately for them, since their wedding, they have not managed to move in together. With the United States being their preferred destination, a spousal visa is a requirement for Omar, though it seems hard to come by. The United States imposed a travel ban on Syria so this makes it hard for Avery’s fiancé to get a visa. Although there is the option of Avery moving to Syria, her mother doesn’t approve. Even if she defied her mother, and moved to Syria, it would jeopardize the slightest chance of Omar getting a spousal visa.

She would see their dream of living together in the US fail.

Avery and Omar hoping to capitalize on getting a waiver

According to Avery’s lawyer, the two should request a waiver so that at least Omar can be spared on the travel ban. Even though that is possible, the couple would have to adhere to all the rules during the application process.

For the waiver to be valid, Avery is not required to move to Syria. She has to prove she is living, working, and can comfortably able to support a spouse in the United States. Hardship is another requirement for the waiver to be granted. Since Avery and her fiancé live in different countries, that separation can show hardship.

Still keeping options but living in America remains top priority

Chances of getting a waiver stands at 5-percent. So, despite Avery opting to keep all the guidelines to help Omar secure a spousal visa, there is a need for the couple to explore other options. In that connection, Avery and Omar gave an update on where they might choose to live if settling in the States failed. In their 3-part segment on season four of "90 Day Fiancé" webseries, What Now, Avery listed U.A.E, Kuwait, and Canada as their options. Let us know what you think about Avery, put your comment in the Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."