Ed Brown admitted he has seen the jabs thrown at him in the past week because of the events on "90 Day Fiancé." He good-naturedly responded online by posting a TikTok video of how he supposedly reacted when he saw the comments. Ed is engulfed by a flame-filled filter in the video. He cross-posted the video on Instagram and wrote that he might need a new air conditioning unit after reading social media comments. The comments are, supposedly, because of several controversial statements and actions he made on the show.

In clips for the upcoming "Before the 90 Days" episode, Vega expressed her discomfort at Brown offering her a foot massage.

While massaging her feet, he asked her several cringe-inducing questions that fans did not like. In a separate video, Big Ed also told her to shave her legs. This surprised Rosemarie who did not anticipate such a statement from her boyfriend. She also got puzzled by the suggestion because shaving legs is not common among Filipino women, who are not, typically, hairy.

Ed Brown constantly courting controversy on '90 Day Fiancé'

The current season of the "90 Day Fiancé" spinoff is not even halfway done yet but Ed Brown has already made his mark among fans. In the past few episodes, he has caused a lot of controversy that has shocked even the show’s most loyal followers. The biggest backlash against Big Ed happened in last week’s episode of "Before the 90 Days." This was triggered by his request for Rosemarie Vega to get an STD test to assure him that she was not the type to sleep around.

Brown was getting frustrated by Vega’s refusal to talk more about her previous relationships. Since he is serious about marrying her, he felt that he had the right to at least know about the woman he is getting into a commitment with. But Vega was not ready to discuss her past yet. It still pained her to talk about her past lovers, especially with the guy who fathered her 4-year old son Prince.

The STD test was the compromise that he thought would work for both of them. But Vega did not appreciate the request, even calling Brown out. She told him how disappointed and offended she was at him, eventually leaving him at the place they are dining in. Brown also raised eyebrows in the first few episodes of "Before the 90 Days" because people believed that he catfished Vega.

He lied to her about his height, telling her that he stands at 5’2”. In reality, his height is really just at 4’9”.

Rosemarie Vega rumored to be engaged?

There are reports that Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega have already gone their separate ways. A few rumors even say that the young Filipina is now engaged with another guy. According to screenshots from the show's fan accounts, Vega is said to be already engaged with a person named Ejhay. They supposedly already made the relationship official on social media. Not much is known about Ejhay apart from what Vega has already posted online.