Danielle Jbali finally reacted to Anna Campisi after the latter talked about her disappointment at her fellow "90 Day Fiancé" co-star. She said that she did not mean any offense at all with her post last week. The feud started when people misconstrued a post Jbali published on her social media account. Jbali shared a screenshot of a headline saying that a personality from the show recently got arrested.

However, a photo of Anna Campisi was attached to the headline. People who did not read the actual article thought that it was Campisi who got arrested, reports InTouch Weekly.

It turns out it was Tyler Nafziger, Nicole Nafziger’s father, who is in jail. But, the confusion started a firestorm that both reality stars did not anticipate. On her Instagram Stories, Campisi vented out her feelings about the whole thing. She clarified that there was no truth to reports that she is in jail, saying that she is happily at home with her family.

She also called out Jbali in the video for her shared post, telling her to “get a life.” Additionally, in a comment on blogger John Yates, she implied that Jbali did it to earn more money. Jbali said that she understood how angry Campisi had been. But she said that she had no control over what was published in the article.

Jbali also said that she did not appreciate how Campisi attacked her on social media.

She pointed out how it was unfair for Campisi to call her “trash” for merely trying to make a living through the products she promotes. She explained that she should not be criticized for promoting these products and services on her social media accounts. She felt that Campisi should understand the need for these actions as she also did it to maintain a steady income after the series.

Anna Campisi moving to Turkey for Mursel Mistanoglu?

In other "90 Day Fiancé" news, it looks like Anna Campisi really loves her fiancé. There are some indications that she is willing to move to Turkey just to be with Mursel Mistanoglu. The two have had a rocky few months because Mistanoglu’s parents did not like that Campisi already has three sons.

But it looked like they are doing their best to fix their relationship’s issues. She even indicated that she might move to Turkey for Mistanoglu if needed.

Danielle Jbali catches attention for impressive weight loss

On the other hand, Danielle Jbali looks like she is doing everything she can to move on from her ex-husband, Mohamed Jbali. She has especially turned heads because of the visible weight loss she experienced. According to her, the judgment and criticism she got after appearing on the show inspired her to lose weight. She started her weight loss journey by eating healthier food. She started drinking detox tea and other nutrition products and more vitamins. She also made sure to have a cheat day every week.