"90 Day Fiance" star Big Ed hinted at what he thinks of Rose and her family. Since the latest date, marriage could now be a huge question mark for Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega. This was after a tense confrontation happened, between the "90 Day Fiance" stars, that could end their relationship. At first, Rosemarie mistakenly thought that Ed would finally propose to her. He requested that the hotel staff put them at the “most romantic table” in the resort. Big Ed also dressed well, which Rose took as confirmation that he would be proposing, reports The Sun.

It turns out Big Ed is still not sure whether he should marry Rose. Big Ed blames his hesitation on an incident that happened before he flew to the Philippines. It made him doubt her real reasons for being in a relationship with him. In a confessional, Ed said that Rosemarie’s sister, Maria, messaged him to ask for money. The American questioned whether Rosemarie was involved in the act. The scene will be part of Sunday’s "90 Day Fiance" episode. In another teaser, the two also argued after Big Ed gave Rosemarie a toothbrush and toothpaste. He complained that Rose's breath was bad.

Big Ed experiences Rosemarie’s poverty first-hand

The most recent "90 Day Fiance" episode showed how Ed Brown struggled when he stayed in Rosemarie’s house.

There, he finally realized the level of poverty that Rosemarie Vega and her family experience every day. First of all, Ed had to sleep on the floor, which was something he had never done before. He ended up not being able to sleep that night. He blamed it on a skin condition, which reportedly required him to sleep in sheets with more than 1,000 thread count.

In the episode, Big Ed also found the visit, to a pig farm her father owned, challenging. The "90 Day Fiance" star also seemed to be genuinely scared when a storm hit Rosemarie’s town. He feared that the house would get toppled down because of the strong winds. Thankfully, nothing of the sort happened.

Controversy with Ed’s leg shaving demand

Ed Brown recently became infamous when he demanded that Rosemarie Vega shave her legs. This outraged a lot of "90 Day Fiance" fans who thought that it was an improper thing to ask someone. This controversy happened mere weeks after Big Ed got entangled in a different issue. That time, he got criticism because he demanded Rosemarie undergo an STD test.

Back then, he reasoned that he was getting frustrated by her unwillingness to discuss her past relationships. He thought that the STD test would be a good compromise. However, the STD test request did not go down well with TLC show fans. He received seemingly endless negative comments on his social media accounts because of it.

Rosemarie Vega reportedly already engaged

Meanwhile, there are reports that Rosemarie Vega is already engaged. Based on these rumors, she is not set to marry Ed Brown after all. Screenshots from fan accounts show that Rosemarie is reportedly in a relationship with a person named Ejhay. It is said that Rosemarie uploaded a picture of her ring finger with an engagement ring on it. However, Big Ed recently clarified that there is no truth to the rumors. He also chose not to talk about the person named Ejhay. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance" news and updates.