If you are a die-hard fan of the iconic 90s NBC sitcom ‘Friends,’ then you must be aware of the fact that the character of ‘Rachel Green,’ which was portrayed by prominent actress Jennifer Aniston, was one of the best things about the entire show. At the beginning of the series, Aniston's character (Rachel Green) was a spoiled Upper Eastside daddy's little princess. Green was also quite afraid of her father and always tried her absolute best not to disappoint him. However, her character, with the help of her new friends, eventually becomes an independent woman throughout the course of the popular show.

But, in real life, ‘The Morning Show’ star's relationship with her estranged father, John Aniston, was lightyears different from that of her beloved reel character. Her father had abandoned Jennifer Aniston and her mother she was barely 10 years old. After leaving them, her father didn't return to see how they were doing for a long period of time. Despite coming from a family of actors, Aniston's childhood wasn't very simple considering that her relationship with her mother, Nancy Dow, was also pretty unpleasant. They ultimately settled their differences shortly before Dow passed away at the age of 79 in 2016. And now, it seems that Aniston has also happily reunited with her father since she has been calling him every single day amidst the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Jennifer Aniston reuniting with her father

According to a recent news report that was published by the Daily Mail, Jennifer Aniston has finally forgiven her father for abandoning her when she was a little girl. The father-daughter relationship hasn't been smooth at all because it experienced a ton of upturns and downturns. After not speaking to each other for several years, they are finally on good terms.

The credit for this reunion goes to the coronavirus pandemic. Ever since the pandemic became a major threat in the United States of America, Aniston started regularly calling her father and reconciled.

For those people who don't know who Aniston's father is, he is an 86-year-old veteran television actor, who has acted in famous long-running soap operas such as "Days of our lives," and "Search for Tomorrow," to name a few.

John's marriage to Nancy Dow lasted for about 24 years from 1956 to 1980. In 1980, he made the decision to end that marriage to spend his life with someone else. Jennifer was born to the couple in 1969 in Los Angeles, California. Aniston, who was too little to understand the complexity of divorce, didn't realize for a long time why her father suddenly took off and left them on their own. She said that her mother told her that her dad isn't going to come home anytime soon.

John Aniston's life after leaving his family

In March of 1999, Jennifer Aniston gave a candid interview to the Rolling Stone, in which she opened up about the unusual relationship that she had with her father. She told Rolling Stone that she evidently remembers herself continuously crying while sitting at home since she wasn't able to understand why he left them.

Even though she didn't remember what exactly happened during that night, she recalled having a strange feeling about the whole situation. When Jennifer was about to turn 12, her mother explained to her that her dad is now with someone else. So, he is no longer going to live with them. Her father went on to marry some other woman.

However, John Aniston eventually did come back. As per Jennifer, he, out of nowhere, called her one day and strongly advised her to go see "The Fantasticks" with him. They enjoyed a great dinner and watched the show. After that outing, Aniston started seeing him on a regular basis, but mostly on weekends. Aniston has admitted that her dad wasn't the best when it came to talking about his feelings, but, she says that he apologized to her to the best of his abilities. So now, they have reconciled.