"90 Day Fiance" fans having a roller coaster ride. In the upcoming episode, fans will see Lisa meeting with Usman's mother. Even though Usman expects Lisa to meet his mother, he is scared of the outcome of their looming meet up. He even appeared restless while they were packing ahead of their trip. All along, Usman’s mother has not approved of his relationship with Lisa, reports People. There are a lot of underlying factors that are posing a threat to this union.

According to Usman, he had yet to introduce his mother to any woman he wanted to marry, reports People.

Despite the fact he would be taking a further step by showing his mother that he was ready to marry, there will be a catch. Usman’s culture and tradition might throw his relationship with Lisa into doubt. First, she is American, older than him and, most of all, white. All those factors make it incredibly hard for her to be approved in Usman’s community. Meanwhile, "90 Day Fiance" fans are starting a social media trend over Usman. The viewers believe that the Nigerian is in a relationship with Lisa just to get a green card. Notably, fans are clearly aware that, despite Lisa's rude behavior towards Usman, he is still with her.

Story of Lisa and Usman on '90 Day Fiance'

The two met online, quickly got to know each other and, later on, entered into a relationship.

But the genesis of their relationship has not gone down well with his mom. In fact, Usman's mother refrained from talking to him for three months. And, according to his culture, such a gesture from a mother means failure.

So, as much as Usman is planning on introducing Lisa to his mother, he feels slightly hesitant to do so.

But, preparations have already been made, and they have to stick to the script. Just ahead of the meeting, the "90 Day Fiance" star bought a Hausa traditional outfit for Lisa. Perhaps the idea behind this was to please his mother when she finally sees her in this amazing attire. He even told Lisa that his mother would be delighted to see her dressed in that outfit.

Unfortunately, there was doubt in his compliment. When Lisa asked if indeed that is what would happen, he affirmed it, but with some hesitation. Maybe he was worried about missing out on his mother’s blessing, which would crucial before getting into marriage.

Usman yearns for his mother’s blessing over his relationship with Lisa

So no matter how much Lisa, 52 prepared to meet her potential mother in law, Usman, 30, still thinks that there might be a significant chance of an uncalled for occurrence. His mother might decline to bless them. That is possible considering the odds, which show a higher likelihood of Usman’s mother not approving their relationship.

Remember, she did not like it from the very start.

Lisa and Usman are among the eight couples that will be featured in season four of "90 Day Fiance: Before the Days." The season is part of a larger TLC show that entails following up international couples in online relationships who eventually travel to other countries to meet their partners for the first time.